March 3, 2014

Today’s Team: New Shinies
H/H Spirit Crab (Snap, Whirlpool, Shell Shield)
S/S Sporeling Sprout (Jab, Leech Seed, Crouch)
P/P Imperial Eagle Chick (Thrash, Adrenaline Rush, Lift-Off)

There’s not a lot of synergy here, I just threw three good pets together and they’ve been winning. Both the Spirit Crab and the Sporeling Sprout are tanks and the flyer can dish out the damage.

There’s no Val’kyr counter. With two tanky pets the battle might take awhile.

The Opposing Team:
P/P Warbot
H/P Snarly
H/P Infested Bear Cub

The Battle:
030314BIf only I could make up teams like this one. Oh wait, I did. This was one of my best teams of 5.3, The Hard Call. At first glance I thought I didn’t have much of a chance, then I realized that I could mitigate a lot of the big damage with my tanks. Maybe I have a chance after all. The Warbot started for my opponent as I anticipated. I thought I might be able to outlast the Minefield with my Sporeling Sprout. After the Warbot threw down the Minefield it swapped for Snarly. Snarly applied bleeding then the Infested Bear Cub came in. This isn’t good, although I wondered why Snarly didn’t use Blood In The Water before swapping. The undead bear was smart and didn’t use Maul while Crouch was up. After Crouch expired I had to make my own hard call, stay in for the bleeding Maul or eat the Minefield. I ate it with my Spirit Crab for 721 damage and took a Maul on the swap. The Infested Bear Cub took out the Crab with a few Diseased Bites. It got a few Snaps off and was able to get down a Whirlpool on the undead round.

030314AThe Warbot came back in on Spirit Crab’s undead round. Now facing my humanoid, it put down another Minefield then tried to take out the Sporeling Sprout. Leech Seed, Crouch then Jab spam made the Warbot use its Failsafe and finally swap out for the undead bear with 39 hp remaining. A Jab crit helped take out the Infested Bear. The Sporeling Sprout was still alive and punching when Snarly came in. Snarly used Rip, Blood In The Water then Surge to finish of the Sporeling Sprout but guess what? This time the tanky humanoid was able to outlast the Minefield. I thought the battle was still unresolved when my Imperial Eagle Chick came in. Surge could make sure that my flyer never hit a third Thrash and Lift-Off can’t be counted on to hit. My opponent didn’t see it that way and fled, giving me the win. Damn, it looks like I was more concerned with winning than taking good screenshots.

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