March 23, 2015

Today’s Team: Corporate Deathburger
S/S Fiendish Imp (Burn, Immolation, Nether Gate)
H/P Pygmy Cow (Stampede, Feed, Udder Destruction)
H/P Macabre Marionette (Macabre Maraca, Death and Decay, Bone Barrage)

Decoys have been super annoying lately. This team has three ways of dealing with them: Immolation, Bone Barrage and Stampede. Immolation ticks will take down one charge from the back line while the front line pet takes out the other. Bone Barrage and Stampede will will take out both charges in one round. Ok, how will this team do otherwise? It’s hard to go wrong with an imp, plus there’s some synergy with Stampede and the DoTs/field effects. If Immolation, Death and Decay and Bone Barrage are all active and a Stampede applies the damage debuff then a lot of damage will happen.

Sandstorm still scares me when I run teams like this.

The Opposing Team:
H/P Pandaren Earth Spirit
H/B Disgusting Oozeling
P/S Fossilized Hatchling

The Battle:
032315AMy opponent started with the Fossilized Hatchling versus my Fiendish Imp. Most likely the imp was going to use Nether Gate. Would it get juked, or would the Fossilized Hatchling stay in to get forced out? As it has been in most cases lately, the latter took place. The undead was sent to the back line, replaced by the elemental. I got my Immolation going as the Pandaren Earth Spirit hit my imp with a Stone Rush. I swapped to my critter who ignored both of the following stun moves, Rupture and Crystal prison. Sometimes the critter racial can be really useful. I started a Stampede before the Fossilized Hatchling swapped in. After the Stampede was done I cast Feed to take the Fossilized Hatchling to 0 and get healed for 618 health. Remember the Immolation ticks helped a lot too.

Next out for my opponent was the Disgusting Oozeling. I brought in the Macabre Marionette to face the magic pet. The green ooze finished off the Macabre Marionette, but it was easy enough for the cow to finish off with a Feed and Udder Destruction. The cow then left the elemental debuffed and ready to take out with a single Burn.

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