March 22, 2014

Five Wins Or Bust
I’ve been playing more Hearthstone than pet battles lately, hopefully my skill level isn’t dropping. Don’t worry, I’m not leaving pet battles anytime soon and the jury’s still out on whether I’ll continue to play Hearthstone or not. If people think rng in pet battles is bad, try playing a card game like that. It’s been a bit frustrating, but I’m still a total noob. Hopefully after I get some experience under my belt I’ll do better. Enough of that other game, time to win some pet battles!

Battle 1: All Buzz Cons
Fiendish Imp, Fledgling Buzzard, Warbot
vs. Emperor Crab, Nether Fairie Dragon, Kun-Lai Runt

032214FI wanted to get off to a good start so I started with this strong team. The Emperor Crab worried me a lot and rightly so. I let my Fledgling Buzzard get matched up against it and the Surges negated my speed move. Thankfully I landed the Lift-Off for some strong damage.
Record: 1-0

Battle 2: Turcraben
Highlands Turkey, Spirit Crab Emperor Crab
vs. Death Adder Hatchling, Unborn Val’kyr, Tolai Hare Pup

032214CSpeaking of Emperor Crabs, here’s one of my few teams that include it. I’m surprised that I don’t see more of this pet since it counters so many of the fotm pets. I started this battle with the turkey. It’s really great when I start with Food Coma and the opposing pet doesn’t swap out. It allows me to swap to a crab then put a shield before taking any damage. That’s what happened with the Unborn Val’kyr. After getting Haunted the Emperor Crab stayed in to take out the Death Adder Hatchling and most of the rabbit when my opponent fled.
Record: 2-0

Battle 3: Darby’s Crashers
Sporeling Sprout, Imperial Eagle Chick, Sen’Jin Fetish
vs. Death Adder Hatchling, Jademist Dancer, Darkmoon Tonk

032214HThe big boys are out tonight. Good thing I’m running my good teams, too. I started off with my Sen’Jin Fetish because I wanted to cleanse the Minefield, but my opponent started with the Jademist Dancer instead. I knew this was going to be close so I didn’t want to make any unnecessary swaps. The Jademist Dancer put down a Geyser so Sear Magic came in handy after all. The Sen’Jin Fetish killed the elemental with an undead round to spare. The Death Adder was next, it used its blind on the voodoo mask. I brought the bird in, my opponent swapped to the Darkmoon Tonk so I went to my Sporeling Sprout. It didn’t have mines, but it did take out the Sporeling Sprout quickly with an Ion Cannon. After that my powerful flyer took out the mech before it could recover. Then it was one on one, bird versus snake. No problem at all.
Record: 3-0

Battle 4: Acid Thrash
Corefire Imp, Shimmershell Snail, Scalded Basilisk Hatchling
vs. Anubisath Idol, Clockwork Gnome, Kun-Lai Runt

032214BI wanted to tone it down and use a more fun team. Then I get an Anubisath Idol as an enemy. Sucks. The KLR started against my Corefire Imp. I decided to take the Deep Freeze with the Corefire Imp so I could heal the damage on the back line in case the idol didn’t Sandstorm. After taking the big hit I swapped to the Scalded Basilisk Hatchling. After the Crystal Prison wore off the KLR slowed my beast but I spammed Thrash anyway. I did this so that I could use Feign Death for the next Deep Freeze. After that my snail killed the runt and the Clockwork Gnome. So far so good, could I pull this off? Thanks to the Corefire Imp having Wild Magic the answer was yes, although it came down to the very last turn.
Record: 4-0

Battle 5: Ten Toppers
Flayer Youngling, Sen’Jin Fetish, Robo-Chick
vs. Bonkers, Unborn Val’kyr, Lil” Bling

032214AI spent a lot of this battle trying to keep my humanoid away from the Unborn Val’kyr. Lil’ Bling did a lot of damage with Extra Plating, Make It Rain and Inflation. I should start using Lil’ Bling again. I took a risk at the end of this battle. If I hit three Blitzes I win, if I hit only two Blitzes then Bonkers would survive then Dodge and I would lose. If I Kicked then I would kill Bonkers next round and draw (due to the Curse of Doom). I decided to go for the win but only hit two out of three. Bonkers beats me more than I’d like to admit but it’s usually due to the 25% stun landing, which is not deserving of respect.
Record: 4-1

Battle 6: Bet On Birds
Warbot, Dread Hatchling, Gilnean Raven
vs. Voodoo Figurine, Clockwork Gnome, Ashwing Moth

Once the Voodoo Figurine cast Rot I knew my Minefield would be safe. The Gilnean Raven finished with most of its health. It’s nice to not suck at a game (like I do at Hearthstone :)).
Record: 5-1

5 Responses to March 22, 2014

  1. raoul says:

    Hello Discodoggy,

    First, I wanted to thank you for this blog and all this useful information about pet battles, I really appreciate it.

    I’m commenting here because I need some help about a pet composition very hard to beat in my meta. It’s the following composition:

    Unborn Valkyr / Fiendish Imp / Magical crawdad.

    Unless I go triple Crows, noone of my teams seem to work against this. Played well, it seems almost impossible to win with all those Wishes, swaps and so on.

    Even with triple crows or mortal strike teams, I can still lose thanks to this immortal imp damaging and healing in the backline.

    So I wonder if you encountered this team before, and how do you deal with it usually?

    THank you in advance for your answers and sorry for my English as i’m not a native speaker.


    • Discodoggy says:

      Hi raoul and welcome. The Unborn Val’kyr and Magical Crawdad duo is pretty hard to beat. I have to admit that there was one comp on my old meta that included a surprising third pet that was extremely hard to counter (I don’t even want to mention it lol). I think with a Fiendish Imp as the third pet this team might work:

      P/P Qiraji Guardling (Crush, Sandstorm, Blackout Kick)
      H/P Living Sandling (Sand Bolt, Sandstorm, Quicksand)
      P/P Emperor Crab (Snap, Healing Wave, Shell Shield)

      The Emperor Crab will be able to shut down the Val’kyr, Sandstorm will negate the Fiendish Imp’s DoT. The reason I suggested the P/P Qiraji Guardling is to get the extra protection from Sandstorm, I think an Imp might be able to hit Immolation through an S/S Qiraji Guardling’s Sandstorm and also because the 325 speed isn’t going to be faster than the imp anyways. At 260 speed the P/P will out speed the other two pets and even the Imp if it gets hit with Sand Bolt. You could go with Reckless Strike if you feel you need more attack against the Magical Crawdad. The Sandstorm will help the Magical Crawdad stay alive so you may need that extra attack.

      I’m going to run this evil team a few times to see if anything works well against it. I was also considering a Mudslide team since the imp is going to want to swap out and probably the Magical Crawdad, too. I’m not sure if that’ll slow them down enough to be useful.

      I should mention that I tried the team I suggested in the queue to see how it holds up. It spanked a Lil’ Ragnaron, DAH and Unborn Val’kyr team. Even if it doesn’t work out for you I’m happy to accidentally find a good counter to that team :).

  2. Noel says:

    I can’t wait for Summer so I can get a set of Qiraji’s, but in the meantime @raoul I always found the best way to counter a team is to play it…you’ll immediately find out its weaknesses thanks to the opposition, and if you don’t then you get a bunch of wins :)

    Disco might think its soul selling (he feels guilty when he uses a team too overtuned lol) but all in the name of research!

  3. raoul says:


    Thanks for this great answer ! It’s really perfect because I just purchased a H/P Living Sandling and I’m already in love with this pet and his unique moveset. He is really good @ ruining enemy strat├ęgies by suddendly attacking first… and hurting a lot

    Like Noel I gotta get a Qiraji Guardling, and yes I feel this will be a very strong team.

    @Noel, Yes I already tried this team even if I also strongly dislike using Magical Crawdad (soul selling yes :( )
    Also I don’t really like to use the Fiendish Imp, because I hate missing a Gate… I don’t know your experience with it, but I feel like every time my Gate miss I lose…

    Anyway thanks for your answers, gotta try new teams around those

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