March 17, 2017

Team Focus: Six More
H/P Celestial Calf (Deep Bite, Celestial Blessing, Wish)
H/P Nightmare Whelpling (Shadowflame, Darkness, Nightmare)
H/S Stone Armadillo (Scratch, Shell Shield, Infected Claw)

The mic was facing away from my face so the sound is a bit tunnely.

vs. Fiendish Imp, Son Of Sethe, Singing Sunflower
I was meaner than my usual nice self, but that is what sunny day teams deserve.

vs. Wicked SOul, Snarly, Jademist Dancer
I kept expecting the soul to cast Haunt.

vs. Wicked SOul, Snarly, Jademist Dancer
Same story as last battle.

vs. Flayer Youngling, Iron Starlette, Flamering Moth
Having a magic pet and a blessing is great for the big star damage.

vs. Blighthawk, Jademist Dancer, Snarly
I think I made a mistake at the end.

One Response to March 17, 2017

  1. Jere says:

    It feels like Christmas again! 3 pet battle videos in one week!

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