March 16, 2015

Topless Battles
For some reason I pulled out the Fiendish Imp and Warbot today. So mean! I have no problem pulling out the top teams when the queue is competitive, but it wasn’t at all. To atone for my bully mode I’m going topless. No top tier pets for me.

Marmot Death Stare
Crimson Geode, Lil’ Bad Wolf, Yellow-Bellied Marmot
vs. Sinister Squashling, Dread Raven, Corefire Imp

031615DAll the marmot had to do was cast its overly serious gaze onto the battlefield; besides that it didn’t participate. I started with the Crimson Geode to put up the Elementium Bolt. The Corefire Imp was out first for my opponent. Instead of swapping in my wolf for the Howl bomb (don’t judge!) like I initially planned I decided to save the Lil’ Bad Wolf for later to avoid the Stun Seed. I cast Amplify Magic instead. The Corefire Imp took a hit for 848 damage and was stunned. Now I swapped in the wolf, it cleaned up the imp and took out the Sinister Squashling (thanks to the avoid). I let the Dread Raven kill my humanoid with Call Darkness then brought in my Crimson Geode, knowing that if Nocturnal Strike was incoming it only had a 40% chance to hit. Noctural Strike missed, three uses of Feedback were enough to kill the raven.
Record: 1-0

Slasher Flick
Sen’Jin Fetish, Stonegrinder, Slitherscale Elver
vs. Skunk, Swamp Croaker, Kelp Scuttler

031615BThis felt like cheating at my own game. Sure, there were no top pets, but a team of two high tier pets and a really good Silvershock Elver is not exactly queue fodder. Still, I almost lost. In a moment of idol fear I decided to use Shadow Slash instead of the usual Breath on my Sen’jin Fetish. This meant that the mask’s main attack was weak against the two aquatics and the skunk had strong attacks against it.

I decided to take my chances with the mask against the skunk; I lost the match-up horribly. Then later on the Stonegrinder missed twice thanks to Stench. Due to all of that I thought I was going to lose the battle but the Silvershock Elver stole the show. Being able to come in to stun, Deep Bite then let off a Pump (assuming it was charged) is priceless. It was close but the baby eel saved the day for the victory.
Record: 2-0

Fear The Fiend
Robo-Chick, Twilight Fiendling, Restless Shadeling
vs. Death Adder Hatchling, Terrible Turnip, Servant Of Demidos
031615FWhen I use a Restless Shadeling I usually roll an H/H with Death Coil in the third spot; this time I decided to go with an H/S breed with Phase Shift. Phase Shift on a 273 pet is somewhat risky, but the risk ended up paying off: my undead was faster than the Servant Of Demidos and if I could anticipate the Blinding Poison I would essentially negate it if I cast Phase Shift on the same round. That happened twice during the course of my super star shadeling staying in for 14 rounds until my opponent fled. I shouldn’t be too proud. It was clearly a new battler because they cast Siphon Anima into the second round of Phase Shift. Oops. It’s okay, we all made those mistakes when learning the ropes, just learn and don’t do it again.
Record: 3-0

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