March 13, 2015

The Quick Three

Battle 1: Rich Girls
Bone Serpent, Nightshade Sproutling, Junglebeak
vs. Anubisath Idol, Amber Moth, Pandaren Earth Spirit

031315CThis is the best team that I’ve come up with in a while. It just keeps on winning and winning. In fact, I added it to my new tab on Rematch called “Deadly Teams”. Thanks to the Rematch addon being so awesome I now have an insane number of teams to choose from, all organized into different tabs. The only problem I have is when I get super owned by a team I want to immediately requeue with one of my best teams for some revenge. I have so many teams and tabs now that sometimes I forget where a certain team is. I solved that problem today with my new Deadly Teams tab: all the big winners are in one place.

031315AThis battle was somewhat of a weather war with four pets being able to change the weather. The Nightshade Sproutling is an S/S breed so it had the advantage over the slower pets; it could just wait for them to cast their weather then immediately change it to darkness. This allowed me a lot of control over the flow of the battle. I never thought that I would love a darkness team so much. Rich Girls has already put so many smelly dog faces down that I have to love it.
Record: 1-0

Battle 2: Not So Cuddly After All
Young Talbuk, Fiendish Imp, Warbot
vs. Unborn Val’kyr, Weebomination, Widget the Departed

When I logged on to do my profs there was a lovely S/S Young Talbuk waiting for me in the mail, thanks Tekulve! When I get a pet that I think has a lot of potential one of the first things I do is put it on a team with the Fiendish Imp and Warbot. When I saw the opposing team I was glad that I had such a high powered squad. Still, I wasn’t sure what strategy to use against the Unborn Val’kyr.

I could go for the Nether Gate with the imp, but the problem with that is if I got juked then I would have to swap out before getting Immolation going because the valk would come right back in. The second strategy would be to start with the Warbot to throw down mines then cast Extra Plating to mitigate the damage from CoD. There was a problem with that strategy, too: if the Weebomination replaces the valk after Haunt then it could cast Consume Corpse to essentially undo the Warbot’s biggest attack.

031315DI chose to go with the Nether Gate strategy based on the number of new battlers that I have been facing recently; I felt that a juke was unlikely. It worked, the Unborn Val’kyr was sent directly to the back line. Now I had the Weebomination to deal with. I cast Immolation then brought in the Young Talbuk. Flurry was strong against the undead pet, so after a few rounds of taking a beating my opponent cast Death Grip.

Even though it managed to catch me off guard since I was expecting Consume Corpse, it was a big mistake. The imp was brought back in and only had to wait one round for Nether Gate to be off CD. The timing was perfect: the Nether Gate brought the Weebomination to 0 and sent it to the back line all at once. That’s one way to deal with the undead racial! I swapped to the Warbot for the all too familiar sequence of CoD, Minefield, Haunt, Extra Plating. Widget the Departed died fast to the Warbot. The Young Talbuk was cleaning up the valk when it ran away.
Record 2-0

Battle 3: Bukstar
Mechanical Axebeak, Ghasly Kid, Young Talbuk
vs. Lumpy, Weebomination, Hydraling
031315ELumpy, what the hell? This rarely used elemental confounded me in the beginning of the battle. I just wasn’t sure what to do. I realized that my Young Talbuk should be used against the Weebomination and the Mechanical Axebeak should be used against the Hydraling. I guess it was sort of obvious, I must be lacking sufficient caffeine. The highlight of this battle was the Young Talbuk’s Flurry in lightning against the Weebomination. Thanks to the beast racial it hit for 262 a pop, plus 38 for the lightning ticks for a grand total of exactly 900 damage in one round. Coffee break time.
Record: 3-0

Apparently I do not understand the meaning of the word “quick”.

4 Responses to March 13, 2015

  1. tekulve says:

    People are so quick to whine about WoW. I hear complaint s about the lack of new WoD pets. People hate pet PvP… Then it was too many battles to unlock menagerie 3 and battles in garrison too tough …on and on.

    I give big credit to the battlepet gurus…the new pets have balanced PvP very well…I understand that Graves will be a wrecking ball but pet PvP is fun ATM

    I do admit most of the new pets are kind of ugly but they’re fun to play

    I think the garrison pet xp Nerf was too heavy handed as well but the garrisons overall seem to be a hit

    • Celya says:

      I really enjoy pet pvp more at the moment than I did in MoP, which I think is because I see so much more of a variety of pets in the pvp queues since WoD dropped.

  2. Sternish says:

    I’m also having a blast in PvP now. As it were, I didn’t care much for it back in 5.4-ish because I couldn’t go into a battle without seeing a Valk or an Adder. But now there’s so much more diversity and its great.

    Also, nice to see some love for the S/S Nightshade Sproutling which is probably my favorite new pet! Kudos on the website, Disco!

  3. Calerian says:

    Your “Deadly Teams” need moar Fiendish Imp.

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