March 12, 2016

Disco’s Three
Playing with teams in my new “Waterbot” series. I won all three but the competition was weak.

2:10 – Waterbot Prototype
Molten Hatchling, Mini Thor, Emperor Crab
vs. MPD, Ghastly Kid, Alpine Foxling

My second win in a row against Soplon and pals. I whine SO HARD when I get crit and think I might lose. I sort of want to slap my own self, so I don’t blame you if you feel that way, too.

9:40 – Waterbot 1000
Molten Hatchling, Corrupted Nest Guardian, Mojo
vs. Fragment Of Suffering, Abyssius, Chrominius

I would say an easy win, but it’s never easy with the Molten Hatchling.

18:10 – Waterbot 238
Molten Hatchling, Mini Thor, Frostshell Pincher
vs. Fragment Of Suffering, Abyssius, Chrominius

Same team, same result.

For the record (topics I forgot to finish):
Lava Beetle is indeed the better choice, since it has more breed choices.

One Response to March 12, 2016

  1. Sternish says:

    This video reminded me of a team I had from way back I called “Killing Yourself”

    Vengeful Porcupette, Netherspace Abyssal and Molten Hatchling. The name comes from the Porc’s Spirit Spikes and the spider’s Brittle Webbing (Also, an old Alice in Chains tune). Anyway, after watching this, I decided to resurrect it and what do I get but Graves/MPD/Weebom back to back. Final matchup both times was around 1/3 health Hatchling vs Weebom.

    Molten Hatchling cleans up both times. I had forgotten how fun that little spider can be. Thanks for the vid! =)

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