March 10, 2015

Today’s Team: Not There Yet
S/S Rocket Chicken (Peck, Squawk, Extra Plating)
P/P Rotten Little Helper (Club, Booby-Trapped Presents, Call Blizzard)
P/P Ravager Hatchling (Rend, Screech, Devour)

My recent incredibly busy life left me some time to get back to the daily, but with little energy to come up with something good. Which means it’s time for the next letter team, which is obviously R. Even though I like all three of these pets individually, this team doesn’t have much to offer in the way of synergy. As I often say, that can be a good thing. Since I have no master plan I can just play off of what my opponents do.

I have no master plan or synergy.

The Opposing Team:
P/S Crimson Hatchling
P/S Darkmoon Eye
B/B Cinder Kitten

The Battle:
031015BI wasn’t confident that I would win at all, so I was delighted to be able to two-pet this battle. My idea was to play off of my opponent, but that would require me to have some sort of idea about what my opponent would try. I had no idea. I started with the Rotten Little Helper because lately whenever I face a team with a Crimson Whelpling the dragon starts. The dragon did indeed start, my bad elf hit it hard with a Club. After the Club the dragon swapped for the Cinder Kitten. The Cinder Kitten killed my humanoid but not before mines were laid. The Cinder Kitten was within kill range for Devour so I cast it with my Ravager Hatchling. It healed as it took out the Cinder Kitten.

031015AThe Darkmoon Eye replaced the fire kitty and the Ravager Hatchling was able kill it too. All it took was the second turn of Devour, Scrrech, Rend then another Devour. Not only do Darkmoon Eyes taste good, they also heal for 501 health, yummy. The Crimson Whelpling was able to finally take out my unruly beast, only to die from its own Scorched Earth tick on the same round. The Rocket Chicken was so bored.

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