March 1, 2014

Today’s Team: Beige Bandits
S/S Qiraji Guardling (Crush, Sandstorm, Blackout Kick)
H/P Living Sandling (Sand Bolt, Sandstorm, Quick Sand)
H/S Direhorn Runt (Trample, Horn Attack, Trihorn Shield)

The Qiraji Guardling and Living Sandling duo has been treating me well lately. Sure, the Crush misses can be annoying but the Living Sandling being an elemental (and thus not receiving an accuracy penalty) alleviates that a little bit. I chose the Direhorn Runt as a third member because it has some nice synergy with Sandstorm. Trihorn Shield combined with Sandstorm blocks a ton of incoming damage. Trample’s initial damage will be shielded by Sandstorm but the second portion will always take 10% of the enemy pet’s health without a Sandstorm reduction. The H/S breed is 281 speed so it will out speed many slower pets with and be able to use Horn Attack effectively. I’ll start with either of the Sandstorm pets then swap to the Direhorn to get the double shielding.

The Opposing Team:
P/S Fiendish Imp
P/P Warbot
H/P Darkmoon Tonk
This is going to be good.

The Battle:
030114BI started with the Qiraji Guardling, knowing that I had the elemental to eat the Minefield. The Warbot was the first enemy pet. It’s odd seeing a Warbot on the other team as I’m the one who’s usually wielding this powerful mech. Blackout Kick stunned the Warbot. Sandstorm hit the Darkmoon Tonk as it came in for the Warbot. I spammed Crush as the Darkmoon Tonk laid down a Minefield then hit a Lock-On and a Charge. Crush only hit two out of four, not good. The Imp came in to take the Blackout Kick then swapped right out to the Warbot. I was hoping to outlast the first Minefield but the Warbot didn’t miss and hit a crit which took my Qiraji Guardling out earlier than I thought.

030114AI brought in the Living Sandling to eat the Minefield. The Minefield only did 331 weak damage. I got off a Sandbolt on the Warbot and then one on the Fiendish Imp which came in. Oh oh, this is gonna hurt. I crossed my fingers and hoped that Sanstorm would help Nether Gate miss but it didn’t. My poor Direhorn took 901 damage as it was forced in. My Direhorn was faster than both of the mechs which helped me take them out with Tramples and Horn Attacks. The Horn Attack didn’t stun the Darkmoon Tonk so it was able to get down another Minefield. After it died the Horn attack did stun the Warbot so I was able to take it out before any damage was done. All that was left was the Fiendish Imp, which immediately Nther Gated out the Direhorn Runt. The Living Sandling again ate the Minefield for small damage. Sandstorm, Quicksand then Sand Bolt finished off the Imp for a good win.

2 Responses to March 1, 2014

  1. Kring says:

    > 331 damage wasn’t too bad for a Warbot’s Minefield.

    Yeah, because it was the tonks minefield. :-)

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