June 9, 2015

Today’s Team: Union Of The Infected
H/P Infected Squirrel (Stampede, Creeping Fungus, Consume)
S/S Mechanical Scorpid (Barbed Stinger, Blinding Poison, Black Claw)
P/B Alpine Foxling (Flurry, Howl, Dazzling Dance)

I got my “Union Of The Blight” team to 10-4 today. That team is the same one as above, but with the Blighted Squirrel instead of the Infected Squirrel. I thought it would be interesting to see how long it takes to get to ten wins with a squirrel switcheroo. Right now this team it’s 2-1. The game plan is to use the squirrel to take down the first pet with the DoT and Stampede and to use Black Claw if there are any shields. Flurry has been taking down decoys left and right so the fox has a good shot at being useful. I wasn’t sure if I should go with Howl or Crouch. My gut says Crouch, but I’d like to try out Howl some more.

Historically I haven’t done as well as others have with the Infected Squirrel.

The Opposing Team:
H/P Teroclaw Hatchling
H/P Fragment Of Anger
S/S Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling

The Battle:
060915AI started with my fox against the FoA. It may have been better to start with the squirrel, but against such a high powered team I couldn’t afford a swap. The fox didn’t get stunned and was able to take the FoA down to 0, but died on the immortal round after casting Dazzling Dance. Next up was the squirrel versus the MPD. I went straight to Stampede in case a decoy went down. It did and I took it out with the added benefit of a debuff of the MPD. After Thunderbolt was cast the Teroclaw Hatchling came in. I’ll make a long story short and tell you that the squirrel almost took out the Teroclaw Hatchling. It was looking like a valiant attempt that would end in my failure when my opponent totally screwed up. The debuffed bird stayed in to get killed by the scorp, but that wasn’t the worst of it: the MPD ended up casting Thunderbolt while blinded. If Thunderbolt wasn’t wasted the MPD would have won. Instead my scorp took out the MPD for the completely undeserved win.

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  1. Discodoggy says:

    Interesting fact: both of the undead squirrel teams listed above are at 11-4 after 15 battles. The blighted version does better defensively while the infected has better offense. The infected one did have to face MPD/Graves/Murkalot twice though. Infected Squirrel is a decent pet to face this combo with.

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