June 7, 2016

Five Wins Or Bust
Took a break from ramping my druid and dragoning my priest in Hearthstone to do some pet battles. Enjoy!

2:20 – Same Old Moonies
Infected Squirrel, Nether Faerie Dragon, Sporeling Sprout
vs. Ghastly Kid, Terrible Turnip, MPD
Not sure if I played the last few turns correctly.

8:00 – Poison Pang
Jade Oozeling, Death Adder Hatchling, Spectral Spinner
vs. MPD, Gilnean Raven, Anubisath Idol
Second MPD in a row and I’m not raging at all, miracles do happen!

16:30 – Whatever It’s Fun
Infected Squirrel, Fiendish Imp, Stone Armadillo
vs. Nexus Whelpling, Pandaren Water Spirit, Lil’ Bling
Armadillos rise up!

22:10 – Goonlight
Infected Squirrel, Sporeling Sprout, Emerald Whelpling
vs. Wild Jade Hatchling, Direhorn, Thundertail Flapper
Please don’t bring common pets to the fight.

28:45 – Blistering Twist
Tiny Twister, Swamp Croaker, Zandalari Toenibbler
vs. Teroclaw Hatchling, Crusher, Blackfuse Bombling

35:40 – Don’t Splode Me Bro
Iron Starlette, Macabre Marionette, Jade Oozeling
vs. Weebomination, Weebomination, Weebomination

2 Responses to June 7, 2016

  1. Rhonstifor says:

    Yay! Infected Squirrel! Hey, I was only teasing you a bit about your reaction to RNG, didn’t mean it seriously at all.

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