June 4, 2014

Today’s Team: Runt Hunt
H/P Blighted Squirrel (Woodchipper, Crouch, Stampede)
P/S Ominous Flame (Spiritfire Bolt, Nimbus, Foreboding Curse)
P/P Baby Ape (Smash, Clobber, Banana Barrage)

This team got its name by beating a string of KLRs last night. Today it hasn’t done as well. The Ominous Flame and Baby Ape have some good synergy. Nimbus makes Smash hit for 95% and Foreboding Curse can add a lot of damage on to Banana Barrage when it hits multiple times. Also, Foreboding Curse will make some pets slower than the 260 speed ape so it can Clobber them effectively. Where does the Blighted Squirrel fit in? It actually doesn’t fit that well. I included it because I’ve been having fun using it and it usually functions very well as a starting pet. It can usually take out the first opposing pet and then get either a bleed or a damage debuff up on the next pet. It’s quite useful. The plan is to start with the Blighted Squirrel to hopefully take out the opposing pet then reduce the battle to a 2v2 with a slight advantage. Hey, sometimes it works.

I’m really feeling the need for some anti-mech. I have the elemental but its attack is weak versus mechs.

The Opposing Team:
H/S Amber Moth
P/S Crawling Claw
H/P Amethyst Spiderling
No mechs, that’s good.

The Battle:
060414AI started with the Blighted Squirrel as planned. My first move was to put the bleed on the claw as it applied the CoD. I cast Crouch, expecting to be force swapped but instead the claw cast Ancient Blessing. I cast Stampede as my opponent swapped to the moth. Moth Dust didn’t proc then the cocoon was taken down by Stampede. My opponent swapped to the spider. I now had to make an important decision. The spider most likely had Brittle Webbing so all my ticks from the bleed and Stampede would cause my undead squirrel to take damage. I decided that the squirrel was worth sacrificing so I kept it in to cast Woodchipper and another Stampede. It died but had weakened all of the enemy pets. The claw came back in on my squirrel’s undead round to take another Woodchipper. I brought my Baby Ape in to take advantage of its speed. The Crawling Claw swapped as soon as it got stunned. The moth came in to a Banana Barrage but only one out of three hit. I went to the Ominous Flame, another Moth Dust didn’t proc. After three Spiritfire Bolts (one missed) the moth was history. The claw replaced it and got a Forboding Curse on it before it killed the flame. Now here’s the moment I was hoping for: all three initial Banana Barrages hit, one crit, the field effect hit, all for a total of more than 850 damage. A Clobber stunned the claw on its undead round then a couple of Nimbus enhanced Smashes finished the spider.

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