June 3, 2014

What I’ve Been Training For
This seems like a big commitment. I better get started.

Battle 1: Backup Ape
Scourged Whelpling, Sen’Jin Fetish, Baby Ape
vs. Lil’ KT, Kun-Lai Runt, Lava Crab

060314DVek inspired me to use a monkey or ape today with the comments on 5/7/14. The Scourged Whelpling is still one of my go to pets to use in combination with moves like Banana Barrage for the heals. The 260 speed of the Baby Ape was faster than all of the opposing pets so I was able to Clobber effectively on three different occasions. At one point I got into a bit of a bind because I wanted to swap the Scourged Whelpling out but it had a CoD on it so swapping would have meant a back line death (and thus no racial). I made up for it later with Wild Magic on the KLR with all the field effects in place. It went down quick.

Players defeated in Pet Battle: 1/10
Record: 1-0

Battle 2: Jaguero Intensified
Tiny Twister, Sen’Jin Fetish, Baby Ape
vs. Crow, Stunted Direhorn, Unborn Val’kyr

060314CThe speed debuff made this battle difficult. I started with my mask since I assumed the valk would be out first. I was right, but my opponent didn’t waste a turn with CoD. They cast Haunt, brought out the direhorn for Primal Cry as I cleansed then swapped right back to the (now faster) valk. Another Haunt came, out came the direhorn again and I was concerned that this wasn’t going to end well. Then a Stampede came, which alleviated some of my concerns. Don’t get me wrong, Stampede is a great move on a direhorn, but in this case I was able to cleanse it (along with Haunt) then swap. After the Primal Cry ended my stunners were faster than the direhorn so I had an advantage there. It did get off another Primal Cry which made things difficult, but my mask was able to use Flame Breath and Wild Magic to get rid of the flying racial, which made the bird easier to deal with. My ape survived this close battle that I had to work hard for.

Players defeated in Pet Battle: 2/10
Record: 2-0

Battle 3: Lightning With A Chance Of Bananas
Tiny Twister, Scourged Whelpling, Baby Ape
vs. Death Adder Hatchling, Anubisath Idol, Unborn Val’kyr

0603014ENow there’s the Tuesday we all know and love. This was disappointing because I was outmatched and still came oh so close. The DAH survived with 137 hp. I thought I played well but I also felt that my opponent knew what they were doing. It’s one thing to play against adders and valks when there’s a drooling haunter on the other end but quite a different story against a competent opponent.

Players defeated in Pet Battle: 2/10
Record: 2-1

Battle 4: Beige Bandits
Qiraji Guardling, Living Sandling, Direhorn Runt
vs. Crow, Mr. Bigglesworth, Bonkers

060314AI started the battle with horrible rng. A 40% Nocturnal Strike hit my Qiraji Guardling after Sandstorm was cast. Bonkers stunned me twice. I really thought it was over after that second stun. I was able to land an interrupt with Horn Attack but I still felt way behind on the luck, especially after a darkness miss towards the end. The battle came down to my Qiraji Guardling versus Mr. Bigglesworth. Actually, the luck really evened out in the end when I won the coin toss to stun Mr. Bigglesworth then landed a 70% Crush which brought the cat to 0. Claw only did 264 damage in the sandstorm which allowed my Qiraji Guardling to survive the battle with 38 hp. I need to hurry this up or I’ll be here all day. Less chat, more splat!

Players defeated in pet battle: 3/10
Record: 3-1

Battle 5: Teeth And Paws
Darkmoon Rabbit, Darkshore Cub, Snarly
vs. Unborn Val’kyr, Pet Bombling, Menagerie Custodian

To end the battle the bear walked into a Minefield then hit the custodian with a double Maul for 644 + 419 damage before and after Failsafe. On the same round the Unborn Val’kyr went to 0 hp from a bleeding tick. The bear stunned to negate the undead racial. Nice!

Players defeated in pet battle: 4/10
Record: 4-1

Battle 6: Contwerkulate
Blackfuse Bombling, Red Dragonhawk, Fel Flame
vs. Harbinger Of Flame, Terrible Turnip, Curious Wolvar Pup

There was a lot of strong damage against me and there was a trap. I back lined the BFB when I should have stuck to plan and got off an Armageddon.

Players defeated in pet battle: 4/10
Record: 4-2

Battle 7: Blight Bastards
Fiendish Imp, Sen’Jin Fetish, Blighted Squirrel
vs. Stunted Shardhorn, Swamp Croaker, Alpine Foxling

060314GIt’s at times like these that I wish we had different types of queues, sort of like Hearthstone. That model would work perfectly for pet battles. Casual for trying out fun teams, ranked where there’s some sort of ladder, and arena where you get to choose three from something like ten pets and see how far you can go with them. That way my competitive team wouldn’t have to bully this person who is trying to play around with some lesser used pets. Unlike Hearthstone, that would require some sort of restrictions on casual or else everyone would just bring in the top pets to casual. I am dreaming but wish it would happen. Oh, I won.

Players defeated in pet battle: 5/10
Record: 5-2

Battle 8: Unfortunate Yeti
Stunted Yeti, Scourged Whelpling, Fel Flame
vs. Unborn Val’kyr, Netherspace Abyssal, Nexus Whelpling

One concern with this team is that there’s no real Unborn Val’kyr counter. Let’s see, right now the Val’kyr count is at 100 out of 425 battles so one should always have some of counter. It’s sort of disgusting. Still, it’s humbling to lose to such a mediocre valk team.

Players defeated in pet battle: 5/10
Record: 5-3

Battle 9: Death By Water
Eternal Strider, Jademist Dancer, Snarly
vs. Spawn Of Onyxia, Son Of Animus, Lil XT

I won by the hair of my chinny-chin-chin. Way too close. I need a break.

Players defeated in pet battle: 6/10
Record: 6-3

Battle 10: Jaguero Intensified
Tiny Twister, Sen’Jin Fetish, Baby Ape
vs. Darkmoon Tonk, Tranquil Mechanical Yeti, Glockwork Gnome

060314HComing back from my break I wanted to go back to one of the new ape teams. I wish I would have stayed on break longer because I got a phone call that I thought might be important (from the area code). Turns out it was someone asking me to vote for a certain candidate. I will definitely will not be voting for the chump whose phone bank helped me lose this battle to a gnome. I actually still would have won it if it wasn’t for a 25% stun proccing. I will not be voting for 25% stuns, either.

Players defeated in pet battle: 6/10
Record: 6-4

Battle 11: Bog Bastards
Fiendish Imp, Sen’Jin Fetish, Tiny Bog Beast
vs. Death Adder Hatchling, Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling, Blighted Squirrel

This was a battle that was decided by a few hp. At a crucial point my Fiendish Imp needed to take out the DAH before it could blind. The snake had 339 hp while Burn is listed as hitting for 336 damage. Burn hit high to take out the snake so my imp was able to get off attacks against the mech dragon. That was the turning point which gave me the win.

Players defeated in pet battle: 7/10
Record: 7-4

Battle 12: Bad News Bleeds
Blighted Squirrel, Snarly, Darkshore Cub
vs. Fox, Clockwork Gnome, Corefire Imp

060314II let the fox control the battle way too much in the beginning. Sometimes it’s better to take a hit while Shattered Defenses is up instead of trying to work around it. Well, maybe this wasn’t one of those times but it sure seemed like I was doing a lot of swapping. The Clockwork Gnome was able to get a Repair off which healed for 1038 hp. Most of the time I think that Repair isn’t a good idea but when it works it seems impressive. Towards the end I kept thinking my opponent would swap so I didn’t pull the trigger on BITW but the swap never came. My bear just barely survived this close encounter. Time to go work out now, this is turning into an all day affair.

Players defeated in pet battle: 8/10
Record: 8-4

Battle 13: Darby’s Crashers
Sen’Jin Fetish, Sporeling Sprout, Imperial Eagle Chick
vs. Blue Clockwork Rocket Bot, Sporeling Sprout, Mana Wyrmling

060314JAfter many hours I returned with a hankering for the Sporeling Sprout. What do ya know? There’s another one waiting in the queue to greet me. The Sen’Jin Fetish was the star of this battle. It took out the mech, got a strong Flame Breath up on the magic pet and cleansed the mines. The Sporeling Sprout finished of the Mana Wyrmling then the other Sporeling Sprout. The opposing humanoid did miss a Jab, but it was heading for defeat anyways. The S/S breed being faster than the H/B made a difference. One more to go!

Players defeated in pet battle: 9/10
Record: 9-4

Battle 14: Jaguero Souvenir
Fiendish Imp, Baby Ape, Ominous Flame
vs. Unborn Val’kyr, Anubisath Idol, Squirrel

060314LI didn’t want to forget about the one pre-existing Baby Ape team that I had coming in to today (the teams used above are new). This team is really fun, with the Ominous Flame providing such nice synergy for the other two pets with Foreboding Curse and Nimbus. Who doesn’t love a 95% Smash and a 100% Nether Gate? There was no weather here, the idol was a Stoneskin and Demolish user so I had to be careful with my ape. My ape was able to land a few Clobbers to gain some extra turns. There was a lot of swapping but in the end my ape was able to land all three Banana Barrages on the critter to make my opponent run away from a sure loss in round 25. Hail to the flame!

Objective Complete
Players defeated in pet battle: 10/10
Record: 10-4

4 Responses to June 3, 2014

  1. Vek says:

    It is inspiring, Disco, that you keep up all these posts and always manage to get some sweet screenshots. Thanks. :)

  2. Vek says:

    That damn DAH, you really need to finish it off. Even if it has below 100 Health in back line it is so forgiving that it can still come in and dominate the end game.

    I like to use things like speed debuffs Screech/Eye Blast, or Speed buffs like Overtune/Adrenaline Rush against the DAH. But when they pair the DAH with a Direhorn it just sucks. Primal Cry is still quite overtuned I think. Though I would love to have a similar ability as Primal Cry if it had been on another pet than Direhorn/Zandalari Raptor. Primal Cry is or course also a very nice help against the DAH, especially since it effects back line pets.

  3. Vek says:

    Lots of replies. :)

    I do love the 325 Power of the Baby Ape, but I kind of like the 273 speed of the Darkmoon Monkey a bit more. Alot of popular mechancials are at 260 speed so the Darkmoon Monkey will have it easer to clobber those.

    Ominous Flame seems like a great match for the Ape with the speed debuff from the Curse. Gotta try that. And I guess you can either use it for flying pets, that the Ape attacks are weak against, or kill mechs faster(which I guess you didn’t need with the Imp).

    Repair. I have this one guy I run into sometimes that almost always put up a turret then does Repair. Unless having a particularly weak pet or beast his equation rarely gets him/her an edge. To get more use of that you would need more dots or “wild magic” type debuffs up or at least two turrets.

    Though in one fight I faced a particularly annoying Tiny Harvester. This pet has both Extra Plating and Repair. So a couple of hits, then Extra Plating and Repair to full Health(almost at least). I did manage to get it down eventually with a stun but that was a pretty good use of Repair.

    • Discodoggy says:

      That’s a good point about there being a lot of 260 speed mechs. I haven’t even leveled my Darkmoon Monkey to 25. I would do it today but I already spent my thirteen minutes leveling my shiny new P/P Spineclaw Crab :)

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