June 27, 2015

Team Focus: Eating More Paste
H/P Fragment Of Anger (Seethe, Spirit Beam, Soulrush)
P/S Puddle Terror (Water Jet, Clobber, Dive)
P/S Arctic Fox Kit (Flurry, Crouch, Dazzling Dance)

Playing Vek’s POTM team got me interested in the Puddle Terror. It’s aquatic so it’ll take less damage from BONESTORM and Grave Destruction on the back line, it has a stun with a decent speed and an avoid move in Dive. Surely not a meta changing pet, but it can be a good support pet for the big boys when you’re looking to mix things up a bit.

I teamed it up with the FoA and fox, which have both still been doing well for me in “the Graves meta”. A couple of things that I’ve learned from this month’s POTM: I prefer Crouch to Howl and I prefer the 289 speed P/S breed and the 325 speed S/S breed of fox. The 325 speed S/S is nice against teroclaws (since when buffed the fox will be faster than the bird), but on this team I have strong attacks against both elementals and fliers so I should be fine against the healy birds.

This team is 21-3 right now.

Battle 1
vs. Graves, Stinker, Nuts
062715AI’ve beaten this time quite a bit, even though the skunk’s healing is quite annoying. However, this time I wasn’t able to pull out the victory. I started with the fox against Graves because I couldn’t resist those strong attacks, but later the FoA had to face two critters, which are somewhat of a double counter to the FoA since Seethe is weak to critters. I guess I let Graves get into my head a bit, even though this was a double AoE Graves rather than the much more difficult Consume Corpse build. I lived up to my team name, I called myself a paste eater before for using the ultra-tier FoA too much and diminishing my ability to battle intelligently.

Battle 2
vs. Dread Hatchling, Molten Corgi, Zandalari Toenibbler
062715BThe first round was somewhat scary: if my Soulrush missed from the darkness and I couldn’t take the bird out fast then the Dread Hatchling could contribute a significant amount of damage. That didn’t happen, my Soulrush hit and also stunned on top of the strong damage. That was too much to come back from, especially with my fox and Puddle Terror being so fast from the buff. Dive missed the Molten Corgi while it was underground; I guess “unattackable” for the corgi actually means unattackable. Has it always been like that? Can you still hit the turnip and rag while they’re underground? Does Joanie really love Chachi? Enquiring minds want to know.

Battle 3
vs. Bone Serpent, Bone Serpent, Bone Serpent
062715CWow, what a rough night. An 87.5% win rate before this, now I’ve lost two out of three. I was feeling good enough about this battle heading into it, although I would need to watch out for the Nocturnal Strike against my aquatic. I’m not saying that I would have won without the four darkness misses and the Nocturnal Strike crit, I’m just saying that it shouldn’t have been as much of a faceroll as it was. I can’t remember the last time rng treated me so bad, which is good.

Battle 4
vs. Tolai Hare Pup, Spring Rabbit, Grasslands Cottontail
(see video)

Battle 5
vs. Crusher, Red-Tailed Chipmunk, Stitched Pup
(see video)

I’m still a noob at the whole video thing, there are still many issues. I may need to get a new mic, this one picks up my breathing, which I don’t like. Most of all I’m finding it hard to verbalize my though process in real time. I should have expected as much since I’ve never really considered myself a skilled orator. I do like people being able to see the entire battle instead of the few parts which I choose to write about, I think that it’ll be more informative and easier to learn from.

5 Responses to June 27, 2015

  1. Wamp says:

    I think turnip and rag are underground, not unattackable, but I’m not sure

  2. Liwei says:

    I took a peek at Warcraftpets to see if I could find anything out on the status of Rag/Turnip being underground or not.

    There is someone that claimed to hit Ragnaros with Dive during Sons of Flame. So it must count as being underground.

  3. Vek says:

    You definetly “got” why I chose the Puddle Terror for POTM. :)

    Ah yes Sons is different from Puppies. Sons counts as below. Puppies makes the pet immune.

    • Bjbr@hotmail.com says:

      Was nice to see how well the P/S breed took care of the rabbits. 361 speed with dazzling dance. I had forgotten about that, only remembered that it was faster than the S/S DAH.

      ***oops email instead of Vek***

  4. Baldulf says:

    I just wanted to chime in that your videos are very well-done and informative. It’s helpful for me to see your thought processes on each and every turn. I like the writing, too, mainly because it’s easy to consume anywhere, anytime, unlike video, but you certainly don’t need to apologize for your videos!

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