June 23, 2014

Today’s Team: Braces
B/B Venus (Poison Lash, Sunlight, Stun Seed)
H/B Bucktooth Flapper (Tail Slap, Screech, Woodchipper)
P/P Spineclaw Crab (Rip, Healing Wave, Blood In The Water)

I was looking for something a little bit more challenging when I came across this team that I had created previously. I’m not sure what I was thinking, but my thought process probably went something like this: I think I’ll try Venus, I like Stun Seed. Since Venus doesn’t have Photosynthesis it’s not as much of a troll pet as the other flowers. I think I’ll take a beast to hopefully get some use out of the beast racial and sunlight. I then probably looked at my beasts and got interested by Woodchipper. The perfect third would be a bleed pet with a heal. P/P Spineclaw Crab fits the bill. And that is probably how this (somewhat crappy) team came into existence.

Tail Slap is an 80% move, so every time I use it I have to hold my breath at hope for the best. Gnaw seems like a better choice, especially with Screech. Actually, I’m going with Gnaw instead. Although I really hate relying on speed debuffs to get the full benefit out of my speed based moves. Hmm. I’ll risk it. Any competitive team will be a challenge.

The Opposing Team:
B/B Unborn Val’kyr
S/S Peddlefeet
S/S Death Adder Hatchling
This is why we can’t have nice things.

The Battle:
062314ASay what you will about 5.4 being the most balanced meta so far (which I agree with), it really sucks when you are trying to come up with a creative team and have to face a powerhouse such as this. Haunt and stall teams are difficult to deal with, the DAH on its own is difficult to deal with, I felt that I had absolutely no chance going into this one. I will spare the gory details and say that I managed to kill the Val’kyr but that was it. I should mention that this same team annoyed me so bad a few days ago that I dusted my own DAH and made them pay (along with two Spirit Crabs, one with Surge). While it was fun beating this team many times, anyone else I encountered had the unfortunate experience of, well, facing a DAH and two Spirit Crabs. I’ve faced this team enough lately to think it is some new battler on my meta who read about easy wins and is trying to grind out the 1,000 wins. Let’s hope they get it quick.

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  1. Wamp says:

    Ah, the DAH+Valk, what PITA. In my meta is plenty of them (I had one too with the MPD that I use when I feel frustrated). I guess this is a newbie question but, any good counters to that?

    By the way, what happens with yesterday’s daily? I get a not found page.

    PS: Sorry for my poor written English, it’s not my language

    • Discodoggy says:

      To counter the valk I like both the Warbot and Sen’Jin Fetish. The Warbot makes the valk pay for the swap with a Minefield and also can use Extra Plating to reduce the damage from Curse Of Doom. The Sen’Jin Fetish can cleanse both the CoD and Haunt with Sear Magic. It also has a DoT so after the Haunt is cleansed the valk ends up on the back line taking damage.

      The S/S Mongoose Pup and H/H Fledgling Buzzard are two of my favorite counters to the DAH. They are both faster than the DAH and have an avoid move (Dive and Lift Off). This makes Blinding Poison less of an issue since you can attack before getting blinded then avoid the second turn of the blind. I like the Spirit Crab, too.

      I don’t use it much but the Emperor Crab is the king of counters at the moment. It shuts both down really well.

  2. Tekulve says:

    I almost never face Peddlefeet …the other 2 are common as dirt as we all know. Just wanted to mention that it seems like your June 22nd page is down ..getting an error message when trying to access it ..again, thanks for doing this blog.

  3. Noel says:

    Welcome back Disco! I’m interested in hearing your thoughts about the new range of damage rather than accuracy attacks (ie crush instead of 80% is now 100% but does a wide range of damage) in Warlords of December! I’m thinking it will change the pvp game a lot, and maybe pets we never considered before will be used.

    • Discodoggy says:

      I haven’t thought too much about it. At first I was resistant to the idea because I was thinking “don’t fix it if it ain’t broke”, but I’m sure many would say it is in fact broke. Now whenever my Fiendish Imp misses a Nether Gate against a valk I get really excited about this not happening anymore. I know that some of my favorite pets will be better due to no more Missile, Snap, Burn or Nether Gate misses. The one pet that worries me is the KLR believe it or not. Deep Freeze is “balanced” by the hit %, soon you will be surely stunned if chilled and the KLR uses Deep Freeze, there’s no longer that 15% of not getting hit. I might start using a blizzard team myself. I do look forward to using more of the 80% and 85% moves, which right now I shy away from. I’ll get back to you with pets which might become viable. What pets are you considering?

      • Noel says:

        I haven’t really thought out it much but the big ones are the 50% hit moves that hit for huge damage, I could see these becoming 100% but have a huge range. Would make those pets no longer useless for pvp battles.

        They will probably keep some moves like Nocturnal Strike as is, since they have a method to pump up to 100%.

        To tell you the truth this solves my biggest pet peeve, the 95% hit moves…that always seem to miss when you need them!

        I think the single best improvement Blizzard could put in for WoD is to allow you to take a stable of pets (say 10) and when the fight starts you pick three based on opponents…maybe you pick a single pet, they pick a pet they pick a counter etc. How many times I triple undead and go in with water pets to get revenge and …. triple crows :)

  4. Ronninn says:

    I use this exact same stall team sometimes. The best counter is your opponent having some kind of group slow ability. This basically turns the 2 round stun/blind into 1 round each.

    • Discodoggy says:

      I’ve had to bring out two Spirit Crabs and An S/S DAH a lot lately. It handles this team pretty well. I’ve completely given up on WHirlpool in this meta and use Surge on both undead crabs now. The team can beat most of the common heavy hitters. It has some trouble with Sunlight teams and Consume Corpse teams, but it can beat most adder and valk comps handily. Oh and it had trouble with rag traps and Emperor Crabs, but what doesn’t.

      Edit: Oops, I already mentioned this team above. I guess it’s working out really well for me :)

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