June 2, 2014

Today’s Team: Get Plucky
P/S Highlands Turkey (Peck, Squawk, Food Coma)
H/H Spirit Crab (Snap, Whirlpool, Shell Shield)
H/P Snarly (Rip, Surge, Blood In The Water)

The Spirit Crab and turkey combo is a fun combo that I use to try to gain an extra turn in the beginning of the battle. I start with the turkey to cast Food Coma then swap to the crab. If my opponent didn’t swap then they are still asleep in the coma so I can either cast Whirlpool or Shell Shield to gain a slight advantage. I would guess that this works about half of the time. I threw Snarly in there because the little croc is a good sweeper and solid choice overall for the current meta. How will this team fare against some of the current popular pets? All three pets have something to offer against evil snakes (speed, priority, shield). Snarly is a soft counter to Unborn Val’kyrs but overall I think this team is not well equipped to handle them. I will almost surely get my “free turn” in the beginning since valk users start valk and stay valk in the beginning, so that’s something. I have nothing to deal with mech dragons and their annoying Decoy. The Spirit Crab versus and idol can sometimes work out in my favor, but a lot depends on rng in the storm.

I already mentioned valks and Decoys.

The Opposing Team:
H/H Anubisath Idol
H/B Darkmoon Zeppelin
P/S Fossilized Hatchling
A Decoy and an idol, lovely.

The Battle:
060214AI’m not frustrated at losing this battle, idols are always tough to beat. I am frustrated that I made a mistake. I’ve beaten idols in the past with my crab and turkey by timing the Whirlpool and Food Coma so that the idol doesn’t have a chance to use Deflection on the turn that Whirlpool hits. I was planning on doing this again when somehow I got it in my head that the idol was going to use Deflection on my Food Coma, on the turn before the Whirlpool hit. I ended up not casting Food Coma, of course the idol saved the Deflection for the next round and deflected the Whirlpool. If I had cast Food Coma then either way I come out ahead. If the idol deflects then it will take the Whirlpool damage next round, if it doesn’t deflect then it will be asleep and not be able to cast Deflection. Oh well. I’ve been seeing more Fossilized Hatchling these past few days. I’m starting to see why sometimes people refer to these as one of the top pets. BONESTORM really packs an AoE punch.

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