June 16, 2015

Make It Ten
Ahhhhh! Summer teaching responsibilities have made me miss more days than I would have liked. Even now it’s a late night, so I better get down to business. The business being trying to take teams to ten wins without losing.

Dental Disasters
S/S Fiendish Imp (Burn, Immolation, Nether Gate)
P/P Sen’Jin Fetish (Breath, Sear Magic, Wild Magic)
P/B Hydraling (Tail Swipe, Call Lightning, Shell Armor)

Current Record: 6-0
This team is pretty obvious; Immolation, Breath and Wild Magic go great with lightning. Shell Armor needs a fix, I know, but don’t I get some credit for running an imp in the Graves meta? Really I’m only seeing Graves in about 10% of battles so I can’t pretend to be brave. I’m not sure that this team has four in a row in it, this might end early.

Battle 7
vs. Lil’ Ragnaros, Cinder Kitten, Soul Of The Aspects
061615DThe dragon started the battle with rag in the number two spot, which meant that I didn’t want to force him in. I held off the swap as long as I could before I thought the dragonkin racial would take my imp out. In came rag, I swapped to my Hydraling for the strong damage. A trap went down, then the trap waiting game started. Would the detonation be good for me or my opponent? It went off when rag was under, the best possible detonation time for me. Hydraling took out rag, then finished the dragon, the kitten was easy clean-up.
Record: 7-0

Battle 8
vs. Cursed Birman, Cinder Kitten, Fluxfire Feline
061615FMy opponent made a few bad mistakes: Prowl was cast when the imp’s swap was off CD, and they sent the Cinder Kitten to the back line with a DoT on it to die.
Record: 8-0

Battle 9
vs. Pocket Reaver, Eternal Strider, Grasslands Hopper
061615BI see MPDs in 18% of battles, Unborn Val’kyr in 13%, Graves in 10%, Teroclaw Hatchling in 10% and FoA in 7%, yet when I decide to do this damn write-up I get teams like this to face. Easy win. Oh well, one to battle to go, if I win I’ll try to come up with a fun team to get to 10 wins with (pictures self falling asleep on computer).
Record: 9-0

Battle 10
vs. Unborn Val’kyr, Son Of Sethe, Blossoming Ancient
061615AYay, thirty-five rounds! The sad thing about this final win is that Shell Armor’s OPness was the only thing that gave me the win. Hydraling came in as my last pet with such a low amount of health that it shouldn’t have been able to survive, but Shell Armor completely blocked Absorb, so the Son of Sethe was completely shut down as my aquatic won the battle with the aid of Wild Magic.
Record: 10-0

Dental Disasters: Success

Been There Mooned That
S/S Sprite Darter Hatchling (Arcane Blast, Evanescence, Moonfire)
H/P Infected Squirrel (Stampede, Creeping Fungus, Consume)
H/S Fungal Abomination (Absorb, Leech Seed, Stun Seed)

Current Record: 3-0
Ok, so I didn’t have to make a new team after all. I found this team with the darter on it already with three wins under its belt. I will be thoroughly surprised if this team can make it ten. The synergy of this team is built around the weather moonlight; Absorb, Creeping Fungus and Arcane Blast will all benefit from the weather. I can’t remember why I chose the darter over the NFD, maybe I just wanted to feel pretty.

Battle 4
vs. Graves, Ghastly Kid, Fiendish Imp
061615EOh, the wonderful PvP queue. I queue with a halfway decent team four times in a row and get very little competition, then I run with a lighter team and get a scary trio like this. I started off with my Fungal Abomination since I assumed the imp would play bad and swap me out, but my opponent didn’t fall for it. They were also smart enough to bring the Ghastly Kid in when I threw down a Stun Seed. After such a bad start I thought this would be faceroll city, but it was a much closer battle than expected. Only Graves survived the battle with a measley sixty health. This was in part to some bad swaps by my opponent, it was also thanks to the Infected Squirrel. If I wouldn’t have played so bad in the beginning I might have come through with a surprise victory.
Record: 3-1

Been There Mooned That: Failure

2 Responses to June 16, 2015

  1. gsv says:

    What is your impression of Graves so far Disco… I really don’t feel he is the threat that everyone perceived… Yes he AoEs hard but with long CD’s, no way to avoid damage and only consume to stall with he feels a little like an AoE glass cannon (with undead HP of course… So maybe a tempered glass cannon)

  2. Discodoggy says:

    I still don’t know. When new pets come out, even ones with the potential to be overpowered I generally play them a lot, try to come up with really good teams, decide that they’re overpowered, and then work hard on counter teams. With Graves I got caught up in the hype myself and immediately assumed Graves would be overpowered. That’s a particularly bad mistake for me because as good as I am at pet battling, I’m equally as bad at theorycrafting :(. I prefer to learn from experience.

    So I’ve decided to hit the reset button. I’m gonna pretend that I just got this pet. Instead of making these half-ass Graves teams that I’ve been messing around with I’m gonna go all out and spam my meta with good Graves teams. I can then compare the Graves numbers to some of my other top pets to provide a baseline. This also gives me a good idea of how to counter. Expect the worst! Well, not Murkalot since RI is incredibly broken, but the worst up to Murkalot.

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