June 12, 2015

Seeking A Third
H/H Ghastly Kid (Hoof/Infected bite, Consume Magic, Haunt)
S/S Forest Sproutling (Lash, Refuge, Sons of the Root)

I’m somewhat lucky since there’s not a lot of Murkalot/Graves action in my meta. There are, however, a ton of MPD/Graves teams. They’re pretty damn hard to beat. I’ve been trying to come up with new ways to face these teams and this seems to be a halfway successful attempt. I went back to using Refuge to help mitigate AoE damage. I’ve found that it’s better to use Refuge with one critter than two, because having two leaves you extremely vulnerable to beast attacks. So obviously my third pet is going to be a critter. Sons and Lash are both great against MPDs.

I really hate having to resort to the Haunt and stall tactic that I dislike so much. Desperate times, desperate measures. I’ve beaten a few Graves teams with this combo (and a critter of course), but I’ve also lost a few. A pretty big problem with Haunt is that even split AoEs count as attacking two pets rather than three when the kid is haunting.

I don’t think these teams are destined for greatness, I’m just throwing them out there, perhaps someone can hone them finer.

Pet 1: H/S Stone Armadillo (Scratch, Roar, Infected Claw)
I was just screwing around with this first team, hence the armadillo. I faced Graves, MPD and a level 24 in its first battle and won. Yeah, that’s right, people are using the Graves/MPD combo to level their pets in the PvP queue. No really, the meta is fine. After I won I realized this combo might have some potential.

Battle 1: Long Shot
vs. Kun-Lai Runt, Nexus Whelpling, Lesser Voidcaller
061215DAs you can see by the name I didn’t really think this team would work. Like I mentioned above, I’m not a big fan of Haunt and stall and that’s exactly what I have to do. The kid cast Haunt on the Lesser Voidcaller then the elemental went under. If there’s nothing for the pet getting stalled on to do while the sproutling is under then it’s taking 280 damage without contributing anything useful. I was able to go under twice, Refuge provided a free swap, it was an easy win. Worth using a lame tactic? I don’t know.

Pet 2: H/H Imperial Silkworm (Chomp, Moth Balls, Moth Dust)
Moth Balls takes down a decoy and with luck will even slow the evil MPD.

Battle 2: Long Silk
vs. Anubisath Idol, Hyacinth Mccaw, Pandaren Air Spirit
061215FFor this team I used Infected Claw for a strong attack against humanoids and it paid off with a victory. I would have never gotten past the idol and sandstorm otherwise. I got lucky with Moth Balls hitting a lot and a Moth Dust crit and it was still a very close battle. Thirty-five rounds, yuck. It wasn’t all my fault, the sandstorm and the heal prolonged the battle on top of my lameness.

Pet 3: S/S Grizzly Squirrel (Scratch, Crouch, Nut Barrage)
This isn’t an optimal breed for this team because I don’t really like running two 325 speed pets. If I wanted this team to be better I would pick up a P/S, P/B or S/B. No wait, an H/P Alpine Chipmunk! Anyways, Nut Barrage will take down a decoy and do some strong critter damage.

Battle 3: Long Mail Dropper
vs. Kun-Lai Runt, Alpine Foxling, Puddle Terror
061215CThe plan went out without a hitch. I was really hoping to face Graves or an MPD to see how I fare, smashing teams like this wasn’t my intention. My opponent could have done better, they played like I was playing last night! Who lets their KLR take a Haunt on round one?  The highlight was blocking the Dive. That doesn’t sound too exciting.

Pet 4: H/S Mountain Cottontail (Flurry, Dodge, Borrow)
I finally decided to give up my S/S Arctic Hare. I really wanted to try the H/P Grasslands Cottontail, but I just couldn’t leave my rabbit slower than an MPD. All I’m really getting out of this H/S Mountain Cottontail is some more health. Hey, it’s progress!

Battle 4: Long Cotton
vs. Emerald Whelpling, Anubisath idol, Pandaren Water Spirit
061215AThirty-six rounds. It was ugly taking out the idol at the end of the battle. I don’t like the rabbit on this team, there’s just not enough offense.

Pet 5: P/B Mr. Wiggles (Infected Bite, Crouch, Headbutt)
I first ran this team with Uncanny Luck, now the damage from Headbutt seems more necessary. I can use Hoof on the kid now since I have an anti-humanoid attack. This is another pet that I wish I had a better breed of. How much do the RAF pets work out to? $40. I know people have enlightened me before but I’ve never been able to pull the trigger, maybe it’s time to fork over the cash.

Battle 5: Long Pork
vs. Stunted Direhorn, Enchanted Broom, Blue Clockwork Rocket Bot
061215ERefuge was great against Primal Cry. Words… coming… slowly. I better shut it down for tonight. I went undefeated but didn’t get a chance to fight the team I was after. These teams are no great solution to the Graves/MPD dilemma, but you might be able to sneak in a few wins. There were a few more critters I didn’t get to, here they are:

10 Responses to June 12, 2015

  1. Discodoggy says:

    Long Silk went to 9-1 then faced a Graves/Murkalot/MPD team. My team died while the kid still had two rounds left. I was afraid the even split would make me pay for the haunt, it did.

    • Sibel from Kazzak says:

      Just when you think the old teams couldn’t possibly get worse. Graves/Murkalot/MPD >.<

      Still wondering why there isn't a Murkalot alternative in the game.

  2. Vapid says:

    I am waiting at the airport to board from Tokyo to Seattle and this got me thinking.

    Instead of the Kid, you might consider an Infected Fawn. It has Flurry, an undead speed increase move, and heal or DoT in the last slot.

    As for a third that is a critter, the Frostfire Rat seems like an ideal candidate. Whether use use an extra refuge or darkness is up to you.

    There was an interesting discussion on the wcp forum about moths actually the other day. The moth with Counterspell is cool, but the fire moth from the isle would be a mpd counter with the burn spell, a heal, etc.

    Truth be told on my meta I have only faced a Murkalot twice in 2200 pvp wins, so my experience is non existent on what is good against them though.

    • Sibel from Kazzak says:

      Ive used flamering moths before, theyre not strong enough to counter mpd’s, the aoe hurts them too much.

      Theyre okay if you can predict the mpd and its abilities, but just okay. I do like them vs. other mechanicals

  3. Liwei says:

    This might be a silly idea, but have you considered a mountain panda? It has Mudslide, which would let you better control matchups (as well as doing good critter damage), and rock barrage for knocking mechs over.

    Or a Mud Jumper. It also has Mudslide but comes with bubble and tongue lash, and it’s aquatic. It’s no speedster with the tongue lash but it should be plenty fast enough to smack most undead pets about. Extra option for Pump over Bubble too, if you need more damage.

  4. Tekulve says:

    This is totally unrelated ..
    I did some experimenting yesterday with pets I havent used much. I used an h/h Skunky Alemental – it has that nice stat combo-1725/260/260 but it was Inebriate that interested me.. 25% accuracy debuff. You’d be surprised how many misses this can cause. It has mudslide and the 1st slot atk choice is a brew bolt for strong vs elementals or a Barrel toss-which is a “pump” style atk that is strong vs critters

    I faced Anub. with it a few times and it did well. It changes the weather, causes misses and ends up lasting longer than expected.

    I wondered if Inebriate stacks with other accuracy debuff effects like Slippery Ice..didnt try it ..seemed too high maintenance. Just food for thought ..maybe Disco could take one of these pets for a pvp spin. It might be a damage mitigation strat..

    The other pet I’m interested in using is the h/h Huge toad-1886hp/Frog Kiss and either Cleansing rain or healing wave in the 2nd slot-its a perfect counter to undead

    • Sibel from Kazzak says:

      Frog Kiss isn’t strong versus Undead. And a H/H Huge Toad also isn’t fast enough to actually use the cc from the Frog Kiss.

      On another note, when are they finally going to release 6.2. The wait has been terribly long.

      • tekulve says:

        I call the huge toad a perfect counter because of the fact it is a self healer, has enormous health and undead attacks are weak against it -since its is aquatic..a pet with 1886 hp can do a lot of flurrys

        Frog kiss you use to kill teroclaws (that like to become elem.)..and other actual elementals…vs undead you hope for a timely stun..

        To me, 260 speed works vs undead…I love to run a fox with dazzling dance on my teams…just watch a fragment of anger Dazzled to 325 speed…it wrecks
        but the huge toad did ok for me as a 3rd vs aoe and undead teams to date…the frog kiss multi-stun (no resilience ) bug still exists too

        My bet on 6.2 is june 23rd

        • gsv says:

          Correct… on both counts…
          @Sibel… being “strong” vs a race and speed are important but they aren’t the ‘only’ factors that matter…

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