July 8, 2015

Make It Thirty: Kid, Look What You Done Did
H/H Ghastly Kid (Hoof, Ethereal, Haunt)
S/S Fiendish Imp (Burn, Immolation, Nether Gate)
H/S Scalded Basilisk Hatchling (Crystal Prison, Feign Death, Thrash)

I should enjoy these battles because going undefeated for this many battles is certainly a rare occurrence. This team is currently 27-0, tied with the legendary Bog Bastards from 5.4 for the longest perfect streak (Macarena Prohibited went on a much longer win streak but that was after it had already lost). A streak like this takes some luck both with the queue and in some battles; still, a record like this is impressive. So here I am, trying to make it thirty without losing.

The Haunt and stall strategy should be apparent. The plan is to start with the Ghastly Kid and use Haunt right away. If the pet that Haunt was cast on is slower than 305 speed, bring in the basilisk to use Crystal Prison, use Thrash once, then Feign Death to bring in the imp. The imp can now force out the pet if necessary, which means that the enemy pet just took over 1000 damage, with the only damage given being whatever was done to the Ghastly Kid on the first round. By this time I’m usually so far ahead that finishing the battle is easy.

Of course it doesn’t always work out like this, but there are enough “tricks” (Ethereal, Nether Gate, Feign Death) to play out of dangerous situations. Any speed faster than 305 makes the basilisk virtually useless, so that is something to be constantly aware of. Hopefully the queue will make it epic.

Battle 28
vs. Warbot, Death Adder Hatchling, Ominous Flame
070815ASometimes I want to see the Ominous Flame perform well, even if it is against me. This wasn’t one of those times. I saw the Warbot and the adder and was worried; I knew I would have to alter the move sequence listed above. If I cast Haunt on the first round then the Warbot would lay the mines and I’d take 700+ damage. So I started with the imp instead, the Warbot got forced out by Nether Gate, bringing in the elemental. I cast Immolation then brought back in the kid. The Warbot came in to take the Haunt, the basilisk then came in to imprison the mech, it swapped to the adder. After getting blinded the basilisk cast Feign Death to avoid Puncture Wound. See, a lot of tricks. The Warbot ended up not doing any damage at all by the time it died. Sorry Bog Bastards, there’s a new sheriff in town. (in their defense, I did do that in 27 battles in a row, rather than spread out over a long period like I have done with the kid/imp/basilisk team)
Record: 28-0

Enough with these archaic words, to the videomobile!

Battle 29
vs. Restless Shadeling, Sifang Otter, Pandaren Earth Spirit
1:06 on video
A rather lackluster battle against a team that was completely outmatched. I made a few mistakes due to complacency, still got so far ahead that my opponent ran.
Record: 29-0

Battle 30
vs. Singing Sunflower, Terrible Turnip, Son Of Animus
6:31 on video
I was initially quite worried about this sunny day team, but it turned out to not be much of a problem. My first time ever going 30-0, or at least the first time that I’ve kept track of it.

29 Responses to July 8, 2015

  1. Rhonstifor says:

    Congratulations on the win streak! Nice. Now, how did you manage to not face SS Ore eaters, shelled crawfish and crabs with surge, ss death adder on a good team……

    • Discodoggy says:

      I’ve been lucky not to encounter any Ore Eaters. I’ve only encountered 11 in 591 documented battles and when I do, not many have been S/S. Only 10 crabs. My heart still drops when I see a crab or crawdad, I’m thankful that I don’t see them often. I see a decent number of DAHs, the count is up to 27. “Well played” adders would probably cut that number in half.

      • Rhonstifor says:

        So, I tried this team a bunch today. It is a lot of fun. Reminds me of a strong 5.3 team i used to play against with a bassilisk, valk, and death adder. Death Adder was named Frustration. It also reminds me of a team I play a lot which has Imp, Bronze dragon and lovebird hatchling.
        This is a very good team, but I have to say, I was not as lucky in my opponents. I got beaten by several 341 Ore Eater teams, a couple of well played Teroclaw hatchling teams, a couple of strong Graves teams and a traditional Clonedance with emp crab w/ surge.
        I wonder how these METAS really work. I remember a period where we fought each other a lot, but I don’t remember battling you in a long long time.

        • Discodoggy says:

          Omg, I got home from a long day of driving for a few battles before bed. I wasn’t on my A-game, ran this team and lost to a Molten Corgi, Mini-Thor and Dread Raven. I should have never let that happen, so sad. 30-1 now lol. Another reason to hate the Molten Corgi.

  2. Myddnyght says:

    I love it when they run. Congratulations on 30 wins.

  3. Vapid says:

    @Disco new question. I think you mentioned once that there is a way to search the wow armory for pet names? The people who choose to rename the pets fun stuff like “Silly Little Boy”

    • Discodoggy says:

      I first google the name if it’s somewhat uncommon, if that doesn’t work then I try “25name”. Sometimes if you put two or three pet names in order that will work. also “25name1 25name2 25name3” works.

      As an example, a team I face regularly has an imp named Mcswaggles and a kid named Gregory. If I google “mcswaggles” or “25mcswaggles” nothing comes up. If I google “mcswaggles gregory” the wow player’s armory is on the first page.

      Hope this helps.

      • llennoca, kel-thuzad says:

        haha yeeah mcswaggles, gregory, and thedkofbattlepets (graves) was me… :p honestly my favorite team i ever made, but it couldn’t beat murkalot graves combo. i got my 5000 wins with graves, Fragment of Anger, and MPD tho so you don’t have to worry about me anymore 😀

        • Discodoggy says:

          Holy crap that was a tough team to beat! You would think an imp wouldn’t be so hot with all the undead around but you played it extremely well. Grats on your 5k!

          • llennoca, kel-thuzad says:

            Thanks 😀 you should name your pets btw so i’ll know if i’m playing you! come pet battle duel me some time on kt.

  4. Josh says:

    Amazing coincidence. I faced this team tonight three times on the trot. Having read your blog prior to this I gave a considerable gulp when I saw them, but then I beat the team three times in a row with the same team of mine (well… yours!) – Julius Seizure.

    Remember them? I started with the Fetish and soon realised that, due to the Fetish and Kid having the same speed there was no way to reliably cleanse the Haunt. However I gimped the damage by swapping in the 325 speed Sprout so that the Basilisk couldn’t do as much damage with his thrash. At the end of the opposing team’s cycle he was facing a shadow slashing Fetish with an Imp, so took some beafy damage. Moreover, the Kid’s Hoof did little against my Sproutling, who was able to tank effectively. I actually won more easily every time, especially once I got used to timing minefield effectively.

    The good news is that in Disco vs. Disco, Disco always wins!

  5. tekulve says:

    Im amazed there are still so many imps around…Graves is getting to be common on my meta…if it has consume corpse you can expect the imp to be badly hurt when it backlines. If murkalot RIs Graves into play…bye bye humanoids

    Incidentally, the best 3rd i see for murk/graves is the s/s nightshade…When I run that trio it counters the other Graves/Murkalot users who always run MpD as their 3rd…

    Also, the s/s nightshade has the option to be a speedy tank type if you choose the heal option instead of darkness in slot 2. With that speed/heal and blind it does very well…this way the darkness doesnt create chances for you to miss as well

    • Discodoggy says:

      I’ve seen so many imps these past few days, so many that the imp has moved up to fifth on the frequency chart. It’s actually one of the most winningest as well. It’s beating graves in win rate, too (44% to 39%).

      I don’t see many Nightshade Sproutlings.

  6. Sibel from Kazzak says:

    Someone help me, and suggest me the best pet that I probably didn’t level to 25 yet! My leveling queue is almost entirely EMPTY! (ohmygawd!omg!) I think I have roughly a third of all my pets level to 25.

    • Discodoggy says:

      Wolpertinger, dragonhawks, mech scorp.

      Your belf’s face looks like someone stole your cookie then your mom made you stand in the corner.

      • Sibel from Kazzak says:

        How did you know I play blood elves [looks scared]. You better not know my credit card numbers >.< Mechanical Scorpid is already level 25 so maybe you mean the P/P one? If you say it's good, I did ask after all. It seemed a lot worse than the S/S one.

        Wolpertinger seems fun and pretty okay. Added it to the front 😛

        Added S/S Blue Dragonhawk Hatchling to my queue. They seem very non-special to me.

        Thanks! Any more? ^,^

        • Discodoggy says:

          I had to look at your armory to see your pets. Your credit cards are safe!

          • Sibel from Kazzak says:

            Ah, of course, that’s one of the reasons I included my server (and also so people could whisper if they cared to :) )

            Wolpertinger is now level 25.

            Almost 25:
            P/P Mechanical Scorpid
            S/S Blue Dragonhawk Hatchling

            Been a bit slow, still not liking the current AoE pet meta.

  7. Jon says:

    Tried this a few times tonight and got destroyed by the weebom/MPD/Anger combo 3x :(

    • Discodoggy says:

      Too much back line damage from the weebom?

      • Jon says:

        yep, the anger started the aoe-fest and the weebom wiped me out.

        • Sibel from Kazzak says:

          I haven’t battled a while myself due to the whole undead AoE carnage. It tired me out fast to meet the same team over and over again. Stupid MPD/Graves/Weeb/etc. combinations >.<

          There's no good way to stop them

          • Rhonstifor says:

            You can beat this team with a Sunlight team. Sunflower or Blossoming Ancient + Crawdad + maybe a fast undead killer like a rabbit.

          • Discodoggy says:

            I’ve been seeing more of these myself. This makes me hate pet battles. I’d rather lose to a powerful AoE team in 15 rounds rather than pain my way through 30 rounds of getting nowhere against sunny day teams.

          • Wiff says:

            I took a break prior to the release of Graves myself. After finally coming back to have some fun with Left Shark I see the meta has pretty much become exactly what I expected it to be.

            Firewing/Sunflower/Magical Crawdad
            Anger/Trunks/Alpine Foxling
            Puddle Terror/Blossoming Ancient/Lifelike Mech Boar

            Even Haunt teams seem to be shrinking out of existence; ran into one Valk the entire last night.

            Sunlight is def the best way to go in general. I haven’t had much luck using general critter damage, esp low power ones like rabbits; my opponents care so little that they’ll not only open with an undead, but swap in a second one and still come out ahead. If you wanted to go the straight burning route I’d recommend P/P Zandalari Toenibbler or Iron Starlette. Just don’t forget to include a countermeasure for MPDs.

        • Discodoggy says:

          I was using Rick Frostly (my main Graves counter, Graves/kid/gpup) when I encountered “Done Did Kid” as I’ve been calling it. I thought I was going to lose, but then the undead damage caught up with the imp. Thanks to Consume Corpse Graves survived the encounter with a ton of health.

  8. Discodoggy says:

    Just had a really close call against a Weebomination, Graves and Iron Starlette. I barely won, even with my opponent making a, dare I say, grave error. The Iron Starlette was the biggest problem with its speed buff.

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