July 27, 2014

Seeking A Third
S/S Fiendish Imp (Burn, Immolation, Nether Gate)
H/H Gu’chi Swarmling (Swarm, Acid Goo, Dive)

Yesterday I leveled a Gu’chi Swarmling with the intent of just making some fun teams, but the combo turned out to be quite powerful on my meta. With the one-two Acid Goo/Swarm combo undead pets take a huge beating. Combine that with Immolation ticks and the damage numbers can get big fast. The H/H breed has been more useful than originally expected. There have been a number of occasions when it has survived an extra round with less than 100 hp which allowed it to get off an extra Swarm or Acid Goo.

Pet 1: Sen’Jin Fetish (Flame Breath, Wild Magic, Sear Magic)
The mask is already one of my favorite team mates for the imp. Now there are two pets that work well with the imp along with some Wild Magic for shields.

Battle 1
vs. Flamering Moth, Kun-Lai Runt, Toad
072714EI missed my first Nether Gate, what a great start. Thanks to that I wasn’t able to get Immolation going right away. The Gu’chi Swarmling was able to eat some of the elemental damage from the KLR and not have to worry about getting stunned. It also didn’t have to worry about the Frog Kiss so the critter was quite useful in this battle. The moth and imp faced off in the end with my imp the victor.

Pet 2: Tiny Bog Beast (Clobber, Lash, Rampage)
Sometimes when I have a good combo I just throw in a fun third for the hell of it. There’s no great synergy here, just a chance to use the Tiny Bog Beast.

Battle 2
vs. Celestial Dragon, Bonkers, Electrified Razortooth
072714AAfter casting Immolation against the dragon I wasn’t sure what to do next. The Gu’chi Swarmling would have a disadvantage against both the other two pets (assuming that Bonkers had Bite) but so would my elemental (same speed vs. Bonkers and BITW would hit it strong). I decided to bring in my critter for the weak damage against Flamethrower. The Electrified Razortooth was brought in to face it. With all of that hp I decided to just eat the BITW while getting my combo off. With Immolation’s help the elemental died and my Gu’chi Swarmling got Shattered Defenses up against the dragon. Three Lashes hit on two separate rounds for double damage (sounds like a math problem lol) to take out the dragon. Bonkers was easily cleaned up with Rampage and Burn. I have an irrational dislike of Bonkers so I probably enjoyed beating that monkey a little too much.

Pet 3: Kovok (Poison Fang, Pheromones, Black Claw)
More damage enhancement with Black Claw. I always think Digest Brains would be nice but in the end I choose Pheromones.

Battle 3
vs. Sifang Otter, Spiny Terrapin, Softshell Snapling
072714BThis was a stupid waste of time against a weird bot that’s been on my meta. I’m pretty sure it’s a bot due to the horrible choices they make, over and over again. There was a similar team to this yesterday with all wild caught common pets in the 23 – 25 range. Perhaps this person is leveling pets through PvP this way. Hey, it’s a lot easier to deal with than the Dread Hatchling, Gilnean Raven and Crow bot that was around a last week. Oh, Kovok used Black Claw and won.

Pet 4: P/S Zandalari Anklrender (Hunting Party, Primal Cry, Black Claw)
More damage enhancement for Immolation.

Battle 4
vs. Willy, Dread Hatchling, Lil’ Bling
072714CMy imp missed the Burn that would have taken away the Dread Hatchling’s flying racial and given me a chance to win the battle. Instead the miss allowed the bird to easily take out my imp with a Darkness then Nocturnal Strike. The low hp of the Zandalari Anklerender is often hard for me to play with. I know a lot of people have used the z raptors with success but I’ve never used one for too long, mostly due to the low hp.

That’s it for now but some other pets that I’ve either used or plan on using are the Spirit Crab (of course), Scalded Basilisk Hatchling, Swamp Croaker and Crimson Geode. I don’t really want to do a part two so try those out yourself if you like.

I may miss a few days of the daily this week. I have a training to go to for my regualar teaching job and am still teaching my summer night class. After trying to squeeze in a workout between those two things my days are going to be nonstop from 8:00 a.m. – 9:30 p.m. I most likely won’t feel like doing a write-up after all of that. Expect missed days!

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  1. Tekulve2012 says:

    Wondering if your kovok was an h/h breed and if that is the optimal breed to run with?

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