July 25, 2015

Five Wins Or Bust
I’ve been lazy regarding the blog, so much so that I even missed the two year anniversary of the “daily” a few days ago. Sad. I haven’t been lazy about documenting my battles, however; I’ve almost reached my goal of one thousand battles on my spreadsheet. MPD, Unborn Va’lyr and Graves are by far the three most common pets, with only the valk being somewhat of a surprise. Undead are still king when it comes to winning, dragons still suck. Enough of that, I’ll get to a proper write-up about itwhen I’m finished. For now, let me try now to get too owned like earlier this morning.

Battle 1: Four Is Next (4-1)
Ghastly Kid, Chi-Chi, Cinder Pup
vs. Peddlefeet, Clockwork Gnome, Son Of Sethe

072515DA word of advice to all Peddlefeet users: don’t eat the Haunt. Another word of advice: If you do eat the Haunt then don’t let Chi-Chi add Wild Magic to your already dire situation. Add in some good luck with the triple hits from Fire Quills and this on was a no contest. I played lazily at the end, letting the Clockwork Gnome have the satisfaction of killing my Cinder Pup. I should have remembered my dislike for the silly mech and denied it the pleasure. Son Of Sethe teams can be really tough if played well, but this one wasn’t an issue.
Record: 1-0

Battle 2: All The Kids Grow Reefer (8-1)
Ghastly Kid, Chaos Pup, Scalded Basilisk Hatchling
vs. Skunky Alemental, Lifelike Mechanical Boar, Soul Of The Aspects

072515AI think that the Twilight Fiendling may have some competition for the worst PvP pet: the Skunky Alemental. I suppose that when rng doesn’t go the way of any pet that relies on rng it makes the pet look bad, but when Inebriate doesn’t cause misses then the Skunky Alemental is a joke. Ok, I officially nominate this pet for the most horrible PvP pet.

Battle 3: Agent Purple (34-8-1)
Bone Serpent, Twilight Fiendling, Nightshade Sproutling
vs. Lil’ Bling, Mechanical Scorpid, Menagerie Custodian

072515CMy first thought was “oh no, three times the mech racial”, but then a Demolish miss against my Bone Serpent made me question the viability of the team that I was facing. I brought in my Twilight Fiendling just in case a Demolish hit and something odd happened: the magic pet kicked some serious butt. It took out the Menagerie Custodian and the 260 speed Mechanical Scorpid. No really, it did. I rechecked the logs to make sure that what I stated was true, and the logs showed that the magic racial was useful against Lock-On and Wind-Up, a few coin tosses were won and Adrenal Glands gave the Twilight Fiendling something to do while blinded. Take that Skunky Alemental!

Battle 4: Another Error (12-3-1)
Ghastly Kid, Chi-Chi, Zandalari Toenibbler
vs. Nexus Whelpling, Kun-Lai Runt, Electrified Rarortooth

See video 0:37
Record: 4-0

Battle 5: Where’s The Party At?
Tiny Twister, Twilight Fiendling, Lil’ Bling
vs. Murkalot, Graves, Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling

See video 7:36
Record: 5-0

11 Responses to July 25, 2015

  1. tekulve says:

    Take a second look at the Skunky…if choosing h/h..it is useful with a 1725/260/260 stat line along with atks that hurt undead/elem. and mech

    If that doesnt suit you ..note you can control weather with mudslide and even snare critters if rabbits annoy you..imagine snaring a rabbit for 5 rounds then putting in your imperial eagle chick with thrash

    I tested it for inebriate..which was helpful when rng favored me

    As I say, I gave this pet a run before ..opponents dont know it’s moves so you have an advantage as well..it is not the worst pvp pet imho…odd but i might give that crown to Chrominius

    • Vapid says:

      The worst pvp pet combination is probably the Water Spirit and Chrominius, waaay to easy to predict. And if they are not using those moves they are useless anyway.

      Great MGMPD win đŸ˜€

    • Discodoggy says:

      Ok, I’ll have to get it a try, but I will do so grudgingly lol. I’ve had horrible luck with Inebriate/Slippery Ice/Stench.

      • tekulve says:

        25% acc. debuff seems poor for the sake of wasting a turn…but worth it if facing an opp. that will be dodging anyway

        mudslide is great..it would force Graves to eat a fjord worg’s howled flurry…but tbh I am not a fan of extra switching to set things up

        The skunky is not great..but it has a use i think..i havent tried stacking the debuff with darkness..if it works then a dread hatch/ s/s Nightshade sproutling +Skunky could be a fun trio to try…just be sure to have an h/h Skunky

  2. Sternish says:

    I mentioned it on your YouTube page but it bears mention here too. That last battle was unbelievable. Amazing job!

  3. Rhonstifor says:

    Great win there on that last one. I guess the Twilight Fiendling needs a nerf and Murkalot and Graves need buffs!

  4. GrĂ¡inne says:

    I also have to chime in with admiration for your defeat of Graves, Murkalot and MPD with a decidedly second-string team.

    Even allowing that your opponent walked into wasting his RIs, it was still an amazing achievement. It is obvious, watching it, that you were calculating ahead in a way I certainly haven’t learned to do yet.

    That was very instructive. I need to watch it several more times and see what I can learn from it. Thank you!

    • Discodoggy says:

      Thanks, I’m not sure that applying the DoT was the best move. I think what was going through my head was that the DoT might be useful if there was a swap. It all worked out :)

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