July 25, 2014

Today’s Team: Cyclonic Pulverization
S/S Jademist Dancer (Steam Vent, Rain Dance, Acid Rain)
P/P Imperial Eagle Chick (Thrash, Cyclone, Lift-Off)
H/H Spirit Crab (Snap, Surge, Shell Shield)

What can I say, I was having a bad day. When I was playing earlier today everything was going wrong. Missile kill shots were missing. Nether Gates were missing on valks. Whatever I queued with, there was a great counter on the other team. The losses began to pile up so I took the low road (seems like I’ve been doing more of that lately :)) and made a team using the second most cheapy mccheapster comp from cheapsville, the clonedance strategy. In case you’re wondering Consume Corpse holds the number one spot, at least in this battler’s opinion. Rather than use the tried and true Blighthawk I wanted a harder hitting Cyclone so I chose the Imperial Eagle Chick. I also have another team with the P/P Dragonbone Hatchling on it instead of the Imperial Eagle Chick. That bird has less power than the eagle but has Cyclone in the third slot rather than second so you get Adrenaline Rush instead of Lift-Off. A case could be made for either. I also tried the H/H Fledgling Buzzard but its Cyclone only hits for 92 so it never felt quite right. The Imperial Eagle Chick’s hits for 126 so you can see the difference is huge. Hopefully I won’t need Adrenaline Rush. The Spirit Crab is around for clean-up duty, but it often doesn’t make it out to play when the Jademist Dancer and bird handle three pets on their own.

If you run one of the strongest team and lose then you just look foolish, so there’s a certain level of pressure using this team. Without Adrenaline Rush the eagle might be somewhat useless without the extra attack from Thrash.

The Opposing Team
H/H Anubisath Idol
H/H Unborn Val’kyr
S/S Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling
An Unborn Val’kyr, that’s odd.

The Battle:
072514AWhen I saw the valk I realized that this team has no anti-valk component to it, and there’s an idol to worry about. Boy am I about to look silly. Since there were only two pets to Cyclone and a sandstorm I better change my strategy away from clonedance. My new plan was to hit hard with the Imperial Eagle Chick and see where I stand after it dies. Sometimes you just have to go all out. The valk applied the CoD after two Thrashes hit. Then the Idol swapped in and took three Thrashes. I’m really not sure why my bird didn’t get Haunted, but I’ll take the gift. Another three thrashes hit before the the idol cast Sandstorm. Keep in mind these are hitting for around 180 damage a pop so the idol is already down to about 700 hp. Three more Thrashes hit on the next round. How nice is it that a multi-attack still hits for over 100 in a sandstorm? The idol missed. Hey pal, accuracy reduction was your idea not mine. A Lift-Off to avoid the Curse then two more rounds of Thrash saw the idol die. That went much better than expected. The mech dragon came out next but with the idol gone and the useless valk just sitting back there not Haunting it was really a matter of clean-up by this point. A Breath miss by the MPD meant I was able to finish off the last two pets without brining out the crab, again.

9 Responses to July 25, 2014

  1. Liwei says:

    Ever try using a P/P nether faerie dragon while doing this? It’s a little on the sluggish side, but it opens up life exchange for use instead of the dodge move depending on the teams you’re seeing. And it has a 325 power cyclone.

  2. Tekulve says:

    I think the advantage of a flier with cyclone is that the s/s DAH will take some dmg. when you face it 1st. Tons of players poison straight out which i find odd since they should know the bird likely has avoidance and will go 1st

    For some reason 90% of the Valks I face will also atk with CoD 1st ..so If I play a Dancer team for a quick win, I always lift off vs a Valk. with the Eagle chick
    Then you can toss out the cyclone and switch to keep the flying racial and later on get in the 2nd cyclone when needed.. the Imperial chick’s thrash is great vs the MPD’s decoy too.

    So when you get down to it, there’s little wonder why Clone Dancer teams are common, they can handle 3 of the most common nasties in pet pvp atm

  3. Calerian says:

    I’ve built nearly the same team in the last few days, for different reasons. I’ve been running into quite a few teams with frogs, crabs, and crawdads (probably as a counter to all the valks), so I’ve been running my CloneDance team more often, but without the Blighthawk.

    The P/P Eagle Chick was the perfect choice, and I took the same moveset you did. I included a P/P Emperor Crab with it, but with Whirlpool rather than Spell Shield, so the team, juiced by the Dancer (with Geyser rather than Acid Rain), can put out some serious damage.

    Funny thing is….I haven’t been running it as a classic CloneDance. I’ve generally been starting and staying with the chick, since it does so much damage and goes faster than most anything else. I think I’ve been throwing off the usual players in my meta by running the crab without spell shield and not following the usual CloneDance routine…but, hell, I’ll take all the wins I can…

  4. Mark says:

    @Calerain. Are you EU and did I run into you last night with my wild magic team?

  5. Snow says:

    I’m going to try the chick out over the blighthawk. I do prefer the emp crab over spirit crab for the team though.

    For being a team using the second most cheapy mccheapster comp from cheapsville, it never gets complained about on the boards.

  6. AtroposZ says:

    “If you run one of the strongest team and lose then you just look foolish”

    Several people on my battle group must think I’m the village idiot then. I think my clonedance team is … ehhhhh … 1 in 7? 2 in 8? Something really sad. I understand the mechanics, it just never seems to work for me. Or I get someone who changes the weather. Or I have terrible RNG with the Cyclone. In fact, I have terrible luck with most of Disco’s top tier teams.

    Apparently the universe is telling me cheating with someone else’s ROFLstomp team is no bueno. Meanwhile I’m like, all I want is my damn pet treat! Maybe I’ll start naming my pets “Let Me Win”, “And Then Ill”, and “Let You Win”.

    • Rhonstifor says:

      One reason some people lose with good, synergistic teams is that they get tunnel vision and force the strategy they hoped to use, rather than make decisions based on the team they are facing.
      Don’t get stuck with any one plan, be flexible.

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