July 23, 2014

Five Wins Or Bust
Cool, it’s the one year anniversary of the daily battle!

Battle 1: Snail Art Online
Scalded Basilisk Hatchling, Spirit Crab, Shimmershell Snail
vs. Unborn Val’kyr, Gilnean Raven, Gilnean Raven

072314CTekulve reminded me of how fun the snail can be a few days ago. This how I put it to use. I thought the snail could give me some coverage against fliers, which generally give the basilisk a very hard time. Since I’ve switched to Surge on the Spirit Crab it can do a little bit better against fliers, but I hate to waste my crab on one. Here I had to deal with two so I was very happy to have the strong Ooze Touch. I won thanks to Surge shutting down all those Alpha Strikes and Ooze Touch hitting for over 500 strong damage.
Record: 1-0

Battle 2: Too Rexy
Cornish Rex Cat, Yu’la, Spirit Crab
vs. Infinite Whelpling, Infinite Whelpling, Infinite Whelpling

072314DI promised Loki a few moths ago that I would try to find a better team for my P/P cat (3/20/14). Low health, really powerful… sounds like a cat that needs the protection of Yu’la’s Celestial Blessing. Even with that added protection I couldn’t cope with four sleeps proccing. That poor cat always seems to get shafted by the queue, although it was partly to blame due to a Claw miss. I was using Devour but I think that Prowl may have been better in this battle. Give it a few more months, the cat will be back.
Record: 1-1

Battle 3: Good Timers
Lifelike Toad, Enchanted Broom, Spirit Crab
vs. Infinite Whelpling, Infinite Whelpling, Infinite Whelpling

072314EOh oh, I’m doing it again. You know, that, um, crab thing. I better lay off before people on the forum start telling me they don’t like to read about my Spirit Crabs and bleed teams (which has happened before). This team earned its name today by beating a clonedance then a Consume Corpse team back to back. It was good times. The good times continued as I got three Frog Kisses to proc (none back to back). Normally I would feel a bit uneasy about winning that way but c’mon, look at the team I was facing. Oh the sweet justice!
Record: 2-1

Battle 4: Kleemann’s Krushers
Tiny Twister, Lil’ Bling, Sen’Jin Fetish
vs. Blossoming Ancient, Qiraji Guardling, Zao

072314AI didn’t think I was going to be able to win this against the annoying tree and Qiraji Guardling. It was two weathers against one, plus the Blossoming Ancient had the shield against all of my DoT action. Well, I forgot we actually had to battle. My opponent never held back from casting Sunlight, which allowed to immediately cast Call Lightning. Every time. Throw in some unnecessary swaps and what should of been hard battle was pretty easy. Come to think of it, Lil’ Bling’s services weren’t even necessary as I was able to two-pet this battle. Hey look ma, no Spirit Crabs!
Record: 3-1

Battle 5: Blight Bastards
Fiendish Imp, Sen’Jin Fetish, Blighted Squirrel
vs. Blossoming Ancient, Qiraji Guardling, Zao

072314JThis team is a knock-off of Rhonstifor’s team that ended my amazing and somewhat unbelievable twenty-seven battle win streak with my Bog Bastards (5/24/14). Another battle against the tree saw the Blossoming Firewood go down fast thanks to Wild Magic and Immolation. I was celebrating too early and almost had the battle get away from me due to a Dominance/Headbutt crit (1,300+ damage) and stun when I swapped in my Blighted Squirrel. It had 31 hp remaining so it was able to get off Stampede before expiring which allowed the imp to do double damage for the win. Still, what a jaw-dropping Headbutt that was.
Record: 4-1

Battle 6: Studebakers
Lost Of Lordaeron, Lifelike Toad, Enchanted Broom
vs. Death Adder Hatchling, Unborn Val’kyr, Gilnean Raven

People are always throwing around the word overpowered when it comes to pets or teams. A few times I’ve tried to come up with a reasonable definition for what OP is. One of the definitions I was toying with was something along the lines of “if you don’t have a direct counter, you can’t beat it”. That’s what sets the DAH apart from the valk in my opinion. If I don’t have a direct counter to an Unborn Val’kyr I still often feel like I can beat it. When it comes to snakes all too often if I don’t have a direct counter I feel that there’s nothing I can do, no matter how well I play. If I don’t have a counter then I don’t have a chance. Such was the case here. I didn’t have a chance. In case you’re wondering why I still run snakes but not valks when I think snakes are more OP it’s because I’m disgusted by the overuse of Unborn Val’kyrs. I’m just damn tired of them. Haunt could use some work, too.
Record: 4-2

Battle 7: All Buzz Cons
Fledgling Buzzard, Fiendish Imp, Warbot
vs. Death Adder Hatchling, Unborn Val’kyr, Gilnean Raven

072314HI brought out a bird for some anti-snake and I felt quite comfortable with this match-up. That is, until I made a mistake and thought that Adrenaline Rush would make my Fledgling Buzzard faster than the Gilnean Raven even without its flying racial. 75% speed boost is not the same as 100% speed boost, oops. That’s not a mistake you want to make when there’s a DAH waiting on the back line. The plan I had to take out the raven then the snake failed miserably so I was left with a Fiendish Imp as snake fodder. At least it was 100% my fault. What has two thumbs and is completely responsible for the loss? (points at self) This guy.
Record: 4-3

Battle 8: Kingdom Of Doing
Death Adder Hatchling, Spirit Crab, Spirit Crab
vs. Darkmoon Tonk, Darkmoon Tonk, Darkmoon Tonk

072314GI wanted to get this write-up over with so I brought out a team that rarely loses. I didn’t lose, but I didn’t win either. I wasn’t worried going into the battle, I figured the snake would take out one tonk plus get a strong DoT on the next then the Spirit Crabs would be fine eating the pansy Minefields (compared to the Warbot’s mines :)). I was all ready to Snap for the win when a Shock and Awe stunned my crab. Then an Ion Cannon brought it to 0. It ended up being a Snap for the draw. Fine anniversary this is turning out to be.
Record: 4-3-1

Battle 9: Don’t Bite Me Bro
Spirit Crab, Sen’Jin Fetish, Fiendish Imp
vs. Qiraji Guardling, Unborn Val’kyr, Mr. Bigglesworth

072314KI brought out another top team to increase my chances of winning, this time it worked. It took almost thirty rounds but I finally got my fifth win. Wild Magic saved the day against the Sandstorm. Sear Magic saved the day against the Ice Tomb. Can the same day be saved twice? That last question tells me that it’s later than thought and time for some sleep. It’s been a fun year. Hopefully pet battles will continue to entertain us for a few more. Thanks to everyone for reading and leaving your awesome comments.
Record: 5-3-1

11 Responses to July 23, 2014

  1. Vek says:

    Happy anniversary!

  2. Tekulve says:

    Your blog is top notch … love the screenshots, thorough battle breakdown you give and the insightful comments from players.
    Big congrats on a full year of creative team building and dedication to your battle pet squad!

  3. Tekulve says:

    I tried to find the post where you so thoughtfully described your in game display settings. I’d love to see pet battles from this perspective..wondering if you could re-post ? Many thanks for all you do!

  4. Rhonstifor says:

    Grats on your anniversary. I really enjoy your blog and I thank you for helping pet battles in WOW be better. People play better and hopefully use a bit more variety of pets due to your blog.

  5. Liwei says:

    Happy anniversary!

  6. Luthorien says:

    Happy Anniversary, Disco! Still rockin’ the creativity as always. 😀 Love the win against the cheese Sleeping Gas team.

    /starts a WWE-esque “You still got it!” chant

  7. Discodoggy says:

    Thanks everyone :)

  8. Larkspur says:

    Happy anniversary! 😀 I already said it on the forums, but your blog helped me get back into PetvP (when I’ve got the time, anyway). So thank you for all the awesome content!

  9. Loki says:

    Gratz. And nice try with the cat.

  10. Noel says:

    Woah a year already. Always love reading your blog, if it wasn’t for this I’d probably be using the FOTM pets every battle!

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