July 19, 2014

Today’s Team: Toadtastic
B/B Lifelike Toad (Tongue Lash, Cleansing Rain, Frog Kiss)
P/S Yu’la (Jadefire Lightning, Celestial Blessing, Life Exchange)
P/P Imperial Eagle Chick (Thrash, Adrenaline Rush, Lift-Off)

The plan is to start with Yu’la to do some light AoE damage and set up the blessing for the toad. The Lifelike Toad will then have more time to get Frog Kiss to ramp up. That move can be really impressive, hitting for around 460 under cleansing rain. The Imperial Eagle Chick is included as a sweeper. I really wanted to do a “Seeking A Third” for the third spot (Spirit Crab, Snarly, Fledgling Buzzard all want a shot) but I hurt my hand today playing basketball so I’m going to have to keep it short.

All of the pets have low hp.

The Opposing Team:
P/P Pocket Reaver
P/P Droplet Of Y’Shaarj
P/P Death Talon Whelplguard

The Battle:
071914AGreat, an AoE team versus my low hp team, thanks queue. I didn’t think my flyer would survive on the back line so I had to alter my plan. I started with the Imperial Eagle Chick and planned on hitting hard until death. My opponent started with the Pocket Reaver. The young eagle was able to take out the mech but the AoE damage has already begun to add up. The Droplet Of Y’Shaarj was next up. The Imperial Eagle Chick continued to pound away until it died then I brought in Yu’la. Here’s where my team has a big weakness. Yu’la doesn’t really have a plan B with the move set that I’ve chosen. I had to use Jadefire Lightning, Celestial Blessing then Jadefire Lightning again to kill the elemental which allowed it to do a lot of extra damage with Dreadful Breath. Now I had the dragonkin to deal with. I was in good shape to Life Exchange except I really didn’t want Yu’La to stay alive; I really wanted to get my Lifelike Toad in there. I couldn’t pass up the 1k hp turnaround so I cast Life Exchange (-509/+510 hp) then swapped to the toad. This was going to be close. Cleansing rain was up thanks to the Droplet Of Y’Shaarj but Frog Kiss wasn’t going to have time to ramp. I had to kill the Death Talon Whelpguard with Tongue Lash. My mech toad couldn’t do it but died trying, leaving the dragonkin with 139 hp. Yu’la hit for 142 damage to win the battle. That was so much fun to have such a close and intense battle without all of the overused pets currently being played.

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