July 10, 2015

I was thinking that I don’t have enough time to do a write-up when it occurred to me that a I could knock out a video pretty quickly :)

Moon Over Moscrab
Nether Fairie Dragon, Ghostshell Crab, Trunks
vs. Nordrassil Wisp, Unborn Val’kyr, Mana Wyrmling

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  1. Hirrus says:

    An often overlooked attribute of Moonlight when people build teams around it is the increase in healing. I used to run it with the Emperor Crab, making its almost impossible to kill. The SDH and P/P crab used to be my own version of your Imp/Mask duo, being a solid pair to match up with a pet I’m trying out. You might consider pairing moonlight with the ghostpup for a buff to Haunting Song’s healing.

    • GrĂ¡inne says:

      Thank you for this, Hirrus! (and by extension, to Disco for the Moonlight theme)

      I swear I never cast a Moonlight before, but I took your SDH + Crab idea and paired three other pets with it, and destroyed three undead teams one after another. I especially took pleasure in finishing up with the Crab in Moonlight standing there like a champ with Weeb corpses piled all around it. :)

      • Hirrus says:

        If you want another tip to the duo, my favorite third pets were ones with Sandstorm, since that weather combos with the crab well, too. It puts you in the unique position of always being able to have a favorable opening match-up. Generally, the SDH to start will wipe out any pet slower than it with appropriate application of Ethereal. And if you can start the enemy’s second pet with a Dragonkin buffed Moonfire, that’s a huge chunk of damage. If the enemy is running a haunt pet, starting with the crab to soak it up will basically nullify the damage entirely. And if there’s a flier you need to keep the SDH fresh for, a sandstorm pet can throw the weather up, giving your crab some synergistic weather, while keeping the SDH topped off until you can force the favorable match-up. Qiraji Guardling is one of my favorites, but I love the Living Sandling, too.

  2. Discodoggy says:

    Replaced the crab with the g-pup, 6-0 so far but no powerful teams. Ran into a crawdad but it didn’t have Wish, crazy.

  3. Wiff says:

    The Ghostshell’s double defensives could’ve been super handy if it weren’t for all the AoE.The weird speed especially gives Spirit Spikes a strong edge against P/P and H/H without wasted stats.

  4. Vapid says:

    @Disco & fellow Battlers

    Had a thought for your blog. I like how you have added the videos to compliment the write-ups. One of the nice features is how you are willing to delve into the rational behind why you pick a certain pet or setup (ie you made me realize why extra health is so beneficial for undead pets because of the racial).

    Perhaps to further this discussion of pets and utilizing your fellow battlers here by crowd sourcing feedback, you might consider doing a one day per week pet analysis. For example, I think everyone is pretty sold on the idea that the best pet breed for rabbits pvp is the S/S variety. And in the case of rabbits the moveset of Flurry, Dodge, and Burrow is optimal. But last month we discovered with the variety of foxes available that speed seemed to trump power or health (which I was not expecting).

    In that vein I see the Pets With Identical Abilities post on WCP as a fun place to start:

    Take Frogs/Toad/etc for example. There exists all 12 breed varieties. They are a great hard counter to undead pets being aquatic and having Tongue Lash. It would seem initially that the S/S Leopard Tree Frog is perfect. But why not the H/H Huge Toad with 1888 health for great Frog Kiss spam. Or the other pure P/P Yellow-Bellied Bullfrog. Maybe we can find some hidden gems.

    • Discodoggy says:

      I’ve done this a little bit on some of the “pet focus”, but not too often. My usually calm and stable life went a bit haywire these past few days so I can’t even squeeze out a short write-up. Hopefully tomorrow.

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