July 1, 2015

Five Wins Or Bust
I feel like bringing some big guns today, hopefully the meta can do the same.

Battle 1:Hybrid Moments (53-7-1)
Zomstrok, Alpine Hare, Trunks
vs. Pandaren Water Spirit, Blighted Squirrel, Tolai Hare
070115HI really should stop naming my teams after songs or lines from songs, now I have “If you’re gonna scream, scream with me… moments like this never laaaaaaaast” in my head. Could be worse. Hybrid Moments is my most frequently played Zomstrok team; for some reason other than this team the awesome undead lobstrosity is never high on my list when it comes to team building. I don’t know why. This battle went as expected: PvE pet battler expects to faceroll in the PvP queue by howl-bombing (or shatter-bombing in this case), three turns later I use Ethereal for a grand total of zero damage done to me. The flee that took place wasn’t inevitable, but it’s common.
Record: 1-0

Oh crap, somehow the altered lyrics: “If you’re gonna flee, flee with me… my Howl-bomb never woooooooorks” got into my head. Apparently too much battling for me. Thankfully I’m not recording this while I sing it, you do not want to hear that!

Battle 2: Eating More Paste (33-5)
Puddle Terror, Fragment Of Anger, Arctic Fox Kit
vs. Corefire Imp, Scourged Whelpling, Unborn Val’kyr

070115CDamn this was an embarrassing loss. The team I faced is almost single handedly responsible for giving the Corefire Imp and Scourged Whelpling such horrible records on my spreadsheet. Up until this battle their records were 1-16 and 1-21, respectively. There was a change that caught me off guard: instead of Wild Migic the imp was using Cauterize. Still, I should have played better. I used Clobber to deny the valk its undead round when I should have used Dive instead, which would have allowed a later use of Clobber.
Record: 1-1

Battle 3: Macarena Prohibited (81-4)
Arctic Hare, Trunks, Fragment Of Anger
vs. Corefire Imp, Scourged Whelpling, Unborn Val’kyr

070115FMy embarrassment has turned to pain. The team that has been such a pushover in the past has given one of my best teams only its fifth loss ever. So sad. How did this happen? I thought that I would be able to do more damage with Burrow than I did, and when I wasn’t able to take the imp out quickly enough it used Cauterize to make it nearly impossible for my rabbit to take the humanoid. How did I get stuck with that match-up in the first place? I played poorly. I should have brought my A-game along with my great team. It is nice to know that good play can still beat team composition. Or in my case, bad play can thwart my own good team composition. Now please excuse me while I go cry in a corner and write a letter of apology to Trunks.
Record: 1-2

Battle 4: Rich Girls (87-8)
Bone Serpent, Junglebeak, Nightshade Sproutling
vs. Iron Starlette, Stitched Pup, Ghostly Skull

070115GBack from my tears, I decided to be shameless and use a darkness team to put the breaks on any healing imps. Why yes, I do need my best teams to counter healing imps, thanks for asking. Spanking this Iron Starlette gave me no pleasure when it was revenge that I was seeking. It’s funny how bad the Iron Starlette turned out to be when people were saying it was the reincarnation of the FFF. Not really, since a point about the FFF people often forget is that it glitched both the mech and undead racial, which is what made it so over the top brutal. The Iron Starlette has no such advantage, so even without any avoidance you can still use those racials to your benefit.
Record: 2-2

Battle 5: Kid, Look What You Done Did (21-0)
Fiendish Imp, Ghastly Kid, Scalded Basilisk Hatchling
vs. Parched Lizard, Ashstone Core, Blue Mini Jouster

070115AUhh, the lizard was a level 24 common quality, the jouster was uncommon quality. Please level some blues.
Record: 3-2

Battle 6: Frosty Cold Rats (47-6)
Bone Serpent, Frostfur Rat, Nightshade Sproutling
vs. Restless Shadeling, Corefire Imp, Clockwork Gnome
This was a brutal team in 5.2. Not so much now, especially with a common Restless Shadeling. (see video 1:21)
Record: 4-2

Battle 7: The Lost Chick (0-0)
Puddle Terror, Robo-Chick, Lost Of Lordaeron
vs. Graves, Frostwolf Ghostpup, Mini Mindslayer

I made a new team so I could use my Puddle Terror, I was able to beat a double AoE Graves. I even made what could be considered a mistake by bringing in my LoL to take strong damage while I let my Puddle Terror’s Clobber come off CD. Since I won I’ll call it a well thought out act of genius (*cough* mistake *cough*). I blame it on all of the talking.
Record: 5-2 (see video 7:24)

7 Responses to July 1, 2015

  1. Hirrus says:

    I think it’s interesting that you’re still concerned about Emperor Crabs when building teams; since the accuracy change nerfed Snap, I haven’t seen the crab show up on the enemy team in your blog in a while. Is he still kicking around in your meta?

  2. Discodoggy says:

    I’ve seen the Emperor Crab in 8 out of the last 498 battles that I’ve documented, so the answer is no. I suppose that I’ve been stonewalled by so many crabs in the past that my choice was made more from habit that necessity.

  3. Vapid says:


    I like the videos, keep it up! Quick question, in the video I saw that when you mouse over a pet (Lost of Lordaeron) it shows Effect 1 100%, Effect 2 100%. What addon does that? Also is the effect % bit related to my question the other day about Flurry and hit chance?

    • Discodoggy says:

      I thought it might be Pet Accuracy Recorder, but I have that unchecked on my addons screen. I really don’t know. Maybe PetBattleInfo?

  4. Sternish says:

    I’ve been hoping you would make some vids for a while now. Glad to see some coming out. Kudos =)

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