January 6, 2016

Hundred Win Club Induction: Black Claw McGraw
S/S Fiendish Imp (Burn, Immolation, Nether Gate)
H/H Ghastly Kid (Hoof, Ethereal, Haunt)
S/S Mechanical Scorpid (Barbed Stinger, Blinding Poison, Black Claw)

This team is almost there at 95 wins and 25 losses, which is a good record but not a great one in my opinion. In case you haven’t seen me use this team before let me explain the strategy.

Start with the Ghastly Kid and use Haunt. Then either bring in the imp to use Immolation and Nether gate or the scorpid to use Blinding Poison and Black Claw. What you want to accomplish with the scorpid is to enhance the damage from Immolation and Haunt with Black Claw, which will add 112 damage on to any attacks. Barbed Stinger only hits for 266 damage, so you want to make sure Black Claw is up before using that as well. Use Nether Gate and Blinding Poison to control the flow of the battle.

Oh, I’m quite congested today, so if sniffles and mouth breathing gross you out then you should probably pass on the audio 😛

win vs. Gulp Froglet, Ghastly Kid, Fiendish Imp
A Barbed Stinger proc on the low health imp solidified the victory. I was confused (again lol) about how Toxic Skin interacted with Immolation.

win vs. Clock Em’, Clockwork Gnome, Graves
I talked a lot of crap about the gnome. For the record, when I said the imp can “drop three turrets at once” I meant that it could have three turrets active. Now you know why I hate the gnome.

win vs. Unborn Val’kyr, Dread Hatchling, Emerald Proto-Whelp
I got kind of sassy there at the end. Black Claw did its job and overcame the EPW’s shield.

win vs. Blossoming Ancient, Singing Sunflower, Puddle Terror
I was talking about how sunny day teams are OP and you can’t beat them without a direct counter. Then I beat them without a direct counter. Rated F for fail, but I’m still glad I won.

win vs. Magical Crawdad, Fiendish Imp, Unborn Val’kyr
I got lucky with a crit on the round that Wish was going to heal, otherwise I don’t think I would have. My opponent ended up running, which was not a fabulous way to roll out the red carpet, but the carpet is out nonetheless. Welcome to the elite company of the hundred win club!

3 Responses to January 6, 2016

  1. Senatorjones says:

    OK, I admit it; I stole this team from you. I call it the Copy Cats. It is not for the beginner pet battler. I initially went 4-6 and gave up using the team. However, there is something about this team. it is so much fun to use and has different ways of beating opponents. a lot of thinking is needed to win. The first thing is to control your wanting to use nether gate all the time. once you can do that you can start winning. I am now at 39-21-2.

  2. llennoca, kel-thuzad says:

    29:20 Boy did he ever show you!! Lmfao disco 😛

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