January 6, 2015

Today’s Team: Optimus Flame
P/S Ominous flame (Spiritfire Bolt, Scorched Earth, Foreboding Curse)
H/P Parched Lizard (Quick Attack, Conflagrate, Ravage)
P/S Son Of Sethe (Plagued Blood, Touch Of The Animus, Drain Blood)

The Ominous Flame will cast Scorched Earth and Foreboding Curse, then the Son Of Sethe will come in to get the two healing effects (Plagued Blood and TOTA) on the enemy pet. The Ominous Flame will receive heals, then have enough health to come back and do it again. The Parched Lizard will come in when it’s necessary to hit something hard with Conflagrate. That’s the plan.

I could probably find a better Conflagrate pet. What can I say? I like using the new pets.

The Opposing Team:
S/S Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling
P/S Red Cricket
P/P Nether Ray Fry

The Battle:
010615AA lot times I will immediately ditch my plan in order to counter what I think my opponent will do. Here I wasn’t sure what pet they would start with so I stuck to my plan, starting with the Ominous Flame. The MPD came out to greet it, beginning the battle with a Decoy. I cast Scorched Earth after a Thunderbolt hit all three of my pets. A Spiritfire Bolt took down the Decoy as my elemental got hit with Breath. Foreboding Curse was applied after another Breath. I still wasn’t sure what to expect, maybe I would get lucky and my opponent wouldn’t see the Conflagrate coming if I brought in the Parched Lizard. It was a good call, the MPD stayed in to take both hits of Conflagrate which brought it to 0. Things got even better the next round: the MPD stayed in to get killed by Ravage so my beast was healed. The Nether Ray Fry came in to kill my Parched Lizard. After the lizard died I brought in the Son Of Sethe, my opponent swapped to the Red Cricket.

There were still a few rounds of Scorched Earth left so I cast TOTA. The Ominous Flame was healed, it came back in to kill the cricket with Scorched Earth and a Spiritfire Bolt. Just to be safe I returned Son Of Sethe to the front to get some more heals off of the Nether Ray Fry. After another round the flyer had seen enough and flew away.

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