January 6, 2014

Today’s Team: Ominously Pink
P/S Ominous Flame (Spiritfire Bolt, Nimbus, Foreboding Curse)
H/P Pint-Sized Pink Pachyderm (Smash, Trumpet Strike, Stampede)
S/S Fiendish Imp (Burn, Immolation, Nether Gate)

I was letting my Baby Ape monopolize the Nimbus buff from the Ominous Flame so I decided to branch out. I was looking for some other pets with Smash when I came across the Pachyderm. I’m not sure that I’ve ever used this pet before and it seemed like a good fit so I’m giving it a shot. The plan is to start with the Imp to Gate out the opposing starting pet then get the Immolation going. Next the Ominous Fame will cast Nimbus and Forboding Curse. The the Pachyderm will come out to Trumpet Strike and Smash (which will now be hitting at 95%). I’m torn between Headbutt and Stampede. Both have their merits but I think that I’m going to take Stampede due to it’s synergy with Immolation.

Bringing in the Flame on the swap is dangerous. It might die after applying the buff and debuff.

The Opposing Team:
S/B Clockwork Gnome
S/B Clock Em’
P/P Sunreaver Micro Sentry

The Battle:
010614AI could see the Lightning coming so I started with my Imp. It immediately Gated out the Micro-Sentry to avoid the Lightning. In came Clock Em’. I cast Immolation before Clock Em’ used Dodge. I used that as an opportunity to swap in the Ominous Flame and put up its buff and debuff. I then swapped to the Pachyderm to start the Stampede. Clock Em’ dodged again and I realized that I’m not playing this well at all. Too many unnecessary swaps on my part. Clock Em’ is still alive and two of my pets have taken a decent amount of damage. After Clock Em’ is gone I have to face the Gnome. The Gnome gets its Turrets down and kills off the Ominous Flame that had come back in. I brought back my Pachyderm so the Gnome had Shattered Defenses when it tries to Repair. Bad move, Gnome. I bring in the Imp to finish it off before the Repair happens. Even with my bad play I think I have the win in hand now. I have enough hp left to take out the Micro-Sentry with my Imp. After bringing the Micro-Sentry down to 0 I just needed one more hit to win but the Haywire crit my Imp and killed it off. The Pachyderm was my last pet, it got killed by the strong second hit of Haywire. I have no complaints, I deserved the loss due to over swapping.

2 Responses to January 6, 2014

  1. Josh says:

    As much as I like the Imp in most teams I think you could fill that third spot with something more useful. The Flame seems quite weak to just swap in – depending on the speed of the opposing pet he’s taking two hits before even starting. With two non-damaging moves to apply he’s dead before really contributing anything.

    If you could get him in on a free swap, however, he’d start as a relatively fast pet on an even keel with the opposing pet. You could go with Chi-Chi to apply wild magic, deal some damage then feign. The only problem here is that your H/H elephant would come out instead of the flame (would that be so bad though, wild magic plus stampede?). As much as you’re generally anti-Valk, a haunt lets you choose the pet to bring in. Foreboding curse plus haunt will take its toll quickly.

    As for what to call such a team, you’re far better at generating team names than me!

    • Discodoggy says:

      You’re right about the swaps, that’s definitely hurting the Ominous Flame. I’m going to try some battles with the Val’kyr and Chi-Chi.

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