January 4, 2015

Today’s Team: When Cows Burn
H/H Fel Flame (Flame Breath, Scorched Earth, Conflagrate)
P/S Son Of Sethe (Plagued Blood, Touch Of The Animus, Drain Blood)
H/P Pygmy Cow (Stampede, Feed, Udder Destruction)

The Fel Flame and Son Of Sethe have great synergy. I will start with the Fel Flame to use Scorched Earth, Conflagrate and Flame Breath. I’ll then swap to the Son Of Sethe to use TOTA and Plagued Blood if enough health remains on the opposing pet. Each tick of Scorched Earth and Flame Breath will heal the Fel Flame thanks to the effects of the Son Of Sethe’s moves. The cow is there because I was looking for an excuse to use my new pet. If I can use Stampede while TOTA and Plagued Blood are up the cow will get some amazing heals.

TOTA is a very powerful move, but it requires good timing. If I almost kill the first pet with my Fel Flame then when I bring in the Son Of Sethe it will kill off the enemy pet too fast and the Fel Flame won’t receive the full benefits of the heals. I need to make sure that when TOTA is used enough health remains on the enemy pet so that a few ticks of the Fel Flame’s weather and DoT will land. If I wanted a more competitive team I would replace the cow as third pet.

The Opposing Team:
B/B Unborn Val’kyr
S/S Lifelike Mechanical Frostboar
P/P Lifelike Mechanical Frostboar

The Battle:
010415AHaunt n’ stall? What kind of loser does that? Oh wait, I just did that a few days ago; the karma came quicker than I thought. With the Haunt and two Decoy pets I knew almost exactly what to expect. I started with my Fel Flame against the valk. The CoD and Haunt came, I decided to save my Coflagrate for the mechs. Then things started to go bad. I mentioned that timing is important with TOTA. Well, my timing was off. I thought that I could get a Conflagrate off and then move my Fel Flame to the back line. I was wrong. I realized too late that I would not survive the Haunt ticks and the CoD. I pretty much thought I was done for at that point since my main strategy had been so easily foiled. It turns out that the cow was not as bad of a third choice as I thought.

010415BThe Son Of Sethe came out to do its healing thing without giving any of my other pets initially receiving the benefits. It didn’t matter. It took out the first mech piggy and then did some damage to the valk, all the while healing itself. Now it was time for the timing to work out in my favor. I realized that if I could get TOTA on the valk right before it Haunted then when it ressed it would come back with a gift for my cow (the TOTA would still be there). Not only did the Son Of Sethe get TOTA on the valk before it Haunted, it put TOTA on the second mech piggy right before it expired, right as the valk was exiting its body. Now there were two TOTA to help my cow. The cow stunned the mech, then casted Stampede. It was fully healed at this point so it didn’t receive and benefit from Stampede and TOTA, but still, it was a cool plan :). The Pygmy Cow finished the Stampede, got a buffed Feed from Shattered Defenses, Stampeded again, then finished off the mech with an Udder Destruction. Nice work, cow.

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