January 4, 2014

Today’s Team: A Bloody Dream
S/S Darkmoon Rabbit (Huge Sharp Teeth!, Dodge, Burrow)
H/P Snarly (Rip, Surge, Blood In The Water)
H/P Infested Bear Cub (Diseased Bite, Hibernate, Maul)
FINALLY! There was one thing I wanted in WoW more than anything and I got it today: an S/S Darkmoon Rabbit. I had recently spent most of my gold so I started doing profs again this week to refill my coffers. I barely had enough. Feeling very fortunate.

The strategy is simple. Make the enemy pets bleed and then use Blood In The Water and Maul to cause some serious pain. The reason I wanted a Darkmoon Rabbit so bad is because most bleed teams are very vulnerable. They can dish out damage but have no way to mitigate or avoid. Dodge and Burrow sure change that, now I have a bleeder that can only be hit two out of five rounds. I’m not sure if I’ll start with Snarly or the rabbit, either one is a good starter. I would prefer keeping Snarly until the end so most likely I’ll start with the rabbit.

Hopefully the rabbit will live up to my high expectations.

The Opposing Team:
S/S Hopling
H/P Infected Squirrel
P/P Gooey Sha-ling

The Battle:
010414AHopling is an interesting pet to me. It usually does well against me but I have horrible queue luck with it, i.e., whenever I make a Hopling team I get some horrible match-ups. I get pitted against faster pets so my Backflip is wasted. Perhaps it should be my pet battle new year’s resolution to make a good Hopling team. I’ll think about it. Back to the battle at hand, I started with my lovely new Darkmoon Rabbit who happened to be much faster than Hopling. I Dodged then used Huge Sharp Teeth. I then Burrowed since I didn’t want Hopling to put the DoT on me and get some back line healing. Hopling stayed in to take the Burrow then cast Poison Lash. I assumed that Hopling would swap so rather than swap myself I stayed in to apply the bleed to the next pet. There was no swap so Hopling took another Huge Sharp Teeth and hit one Tongue Lash. Maybe my opponent was expecting me to swap as well. Since Hopling was the biggest threat on the opposing team and this match-up was working in my favor I decided to see how long my opponent would keep Hopling in. Hopling took two more HST before swapping to the Sha-ling.

010414BThe Sha-ling took a HST crit on the swap. After the my Darkmoon Rabbit cast Dodge, HST, Burrow then another HST after the Burrow hit to kill the Sha-ling. It’s definitely living up to expectations, but I should keep in mind that my Burrows were two for two which won’t always happen. Hopling came back out but was almost dead so one HST took it out. Finally the Squirrel came out to face the vicious critter. It was able to kill the Darkmoon Rabbit with Stampede then Consume but it was bleeding when I brought my Infested Bear in. Maul and Diseased Bite finished off the undead varmint. A win for my bank-breaking DMR. Now it’s time to go do more profs lol.

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  1. Luthorien says:

    Grats on your new DM:R!! I’ve had my S/S DM:R for a few months now, and I’ve used it with a few teams, but with Stampede instead of Burrow. It’s shockingly good with Stampede + Dodge, and can really take people by surprise. The synergies are there, much like with the Infected Squirrel, just not quite as potent…more of a setup tactic. :)

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