January 3, 2014

Today’s Team: Yarly
P/S Yu’la (Jadefire Lightning, Celestial Blessing, Life Exchange)
H/P Blackfuse Bombling (Zap, Flame Jet, Armageddon)
P/P Diemetradon Hatchling (Quick Attack, Triple Snap, Ravage)

This team is basically the same as yesterday’s but instead of using Snarly as a sweeper I’m using the Diemetradon Hatchling. If it seems like a downgrade, well, it is a downgrade. I just like using the Diemetradon since it rarely gets any PvP action. It has a nice priority move with Quick Attack. The plan is to start with Yu’la to get off as many AoEs (Jadefire Lightning) as possible while hopefully using a big Life Exchange. Then I’ll swap to the BFB which will get a Celestial Blessing to keep it alive longer. Hopefully enough damage will have been done by that point for the Diemetradon to finish things off.

As I mentioned before the Diemetradon Hatchling may not be up to the task of finishing off the battle. Triple Snap makes me nervous, it could fail with one hit or shine with three, you never know. If Yu’la doesn’t get off a good Life Exchange then it won’t be doing much damage.

The Opposing Team:
H/P Snarly
P/P Curious Wolvar Pup
P/S Pandaren Fire Spirit

The Battle:
010314AI’ve both used and faced this team before, it’s pretty good. Once again I’m feeling like the best way to handle things is by sticking to the original plan. Yu’la faced Snarly to start it off. The first round saw Jadefire Lightning and Rip, no surprise. I was hoping to get hit by Blood In The Water on the second round after I cast Blessing so Life Exchange would steal more health but Snarly used Surge instead. I wouldn’t survive a Blood In The Water and another Surge so I had to use Life Exchange now, it was +/- 401/400 which was decent but not great. Snarly used Rip again then next round Yu’la cast Jadefire Lightning before dying to BITW.

010314BI brought in the BFB who needed Flame Jet and two Zaps to finish Snarly but didn’t take much damage thanks to the Celestial Blessing. Now either pet coming in can really mess up my BFB. The Fire Spirit has strong attacks and the Wolvar has Maul (the BFB was bleeding from a Rip). My opponent chose to go with the elemental damage. After a Flamethrower the Blessing wore off and I had to make a decision about whether or not I could survive a Conflarate or not. I needed to know so I could cast Armageddon. I decided to take a chance at surviving so I didn’t use my Armageddon. That turned out to be a great call because Conflagrate missed. Yes, for the second day in a row my opponent missed their big attack against this Yu’la and BFB team. That allowed me to get off another Flame Jet before the Armageddon. After the Fire Spirit died from Armageddon the Wolvar came out to lay a Trap, the battle would now be decided by whether or not the trap would go off before I could kill the Wolvar. The Trap didn’t detonate, the Diemetradon Hatchling won by killing the Wolvar Pup with Triple Snaps. The Snaps hit once, twice and twice for the record.

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