January 29, 2014

Five Wins Or Bust
There are more Idols about tonight. There are triple undead Consume Corpse teams. There are level 23s getting pitted against me. It’s an odd night. I have to admit that I’m losing more than usual. It only takes a few bad match-ups and a few rng induced loses to put a dark spin on the evening. Five wins here I come. It may take awhile.

Battle 1: Luckier Than Lucky
Flayer Youngling, Sen’Jin Fetish, Lost Of Lordaeron
vs. Blue Clockwork Rocket Bot, Clockwork Gnome, Bandicoon

012914DBefore I even got a chance to start someone ran from this team…three times in a row. Just one look, that’s all it took. It’s not like I’m running a fotm death squad here. When I finally got an opponent who stayed their Blue Clockwork Rocket Bot was uncommon quality. Add to that the fact that the Rocket Bot skipped a few turns and my Flayer was able to take out both mechs before the Bandicoon ran. I told ya it’s an odd night.
Record: 1-0

Battle 2: Ten Topper
Flayer Youngling, Sen’Jin Fetish, Robo-Chick
vs Magical Crawdad, Blossoming Ancient, Singing Sunflower

012914ASome will call this a legit strategy, others will call it griefing. After thirty rounds my Flayer was still at full 150% health while my back line and the opposing team had taken minimal damage. There was a time when a triple Blitzes and Kick got the Crawdad down below half but it healed right back up. I quit rather than let the griefer, err, I mean my opponent waste more of my time.
Record: 1-1

Battle 3: Do You Even Rain
Jademist Dancer, Blighthawk, Spirit Crab
vs. Magical Crawdad, Blossoming Ancient, Singing Sunflower

012914ERevenge is a dish best served rainy. Goodbye Photosynthesis heals boosted by Sunlight, hello massive Steam Vent damage to that stupid flower and ugly tree. Crawdad, did I mention that Cyclone will be hitting you for strong damage? After the pain of a 1.1k crit given to the Singing Sunflower my opponent fled. I guess it’s not so bad after all; the two battles averaged to about eighteen rounds each.
Record: 2-1

Battle 4: Do You Even Rain
Jademist Dancer, Blighthawk, Spirit Crab
vs. Darkmoon Tonk, Kovok, Crawling Claw

012914BI don’t like to run the same team back to back but the thought of sticking it to the Crawdad and Sunlight team was too much to resist. Instead I got this team. This was an interesting battle. I laid down a Cyclone as the Tonk put down the Minefield. I kept the Blighthawk in until the Claw forced the swap with Death Grip. No worries, my elemental was brought in to eat the weak mines. After the Claw died Kovok came in and used Pheromones. My Blighthawk was able to kill Kovok but my Dancer died on the back line. It turned out to be a Spirit Crab versus Tonk showdown. If the Tonk was at full health my Crab would have lost, but the Tonk was weakened from Cyclone. My Crab took out the Tonk after it was Ion Cannoned down to 0.
Record: 3-1

Battle 5: Ratty Dreader
Son Of Animus, Scourged Whelpling, Black Rat
vs. Death Adder Hatchling, Bonkers, Flayer Youngling

012914CAll of the enemy pets were S/S, yikes. I really didn’t like my chances going into this one. It turned out to be really close and full of mind games. The battle ended up with the Black Rat versus the Death Adder both around 500 hp, that sounds bad for me. In my favor Death and Decay was still active and a low health Animus which hadn’t used its Failsafe was on the back line. After I assessed my options I decided to try Poison Fang. I won the coin toss and got off the Poison Fang then got blinded. Next round Survival was still active and my rodent was blinded so nothing happened eexcept the DoTs taking off more hp from the Adder. Unfortunately the Adder won the next coin toss and took out the Black Rat. It could still go either way: will I attack or shield, will the adder attack or blind? Next round Animus used Extra Plating and the Adder blinded. Not good for the Adder. It couldn’t take me out due to the Extra Plating and the Poison from the Rat killed it. Nice. A victory like that makes the earlier losses a bit easier to stomach.
Record: 4-1

Battle 6: Unholy Explosion
Fiendish Imp, Warbot, Ghostly Skull
vs. Pandaren Earth Spirit, Unborn Val’kyr, Kun-Lai Runt

012914FI brought a strong team because I wanted to call it a night. My opponent almost caused a change in plans. This team had some nice synergy with Mudslide along with the KLR slow and Deep Freeze combo. Unfortunately (or fortunately for me) my opponent made some big mistakes. After Deep Freezing then using Takedown on the rooted and stunned Ghosty Skull the KLR stayed in to take a Ghostly Bite. Why? Then towards the end of the battle the full health Val’kyr Haunted the Warbot when both the other two pets were almost dead. A Minefield and Missile were all it took to end this battle that I would have probably lost.
Record: 5-1

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