January 27, 2018

Team Focus: The Real Spidorks
S/S Spectral Spider (Bone Bite, Blinding Poison, Spectral Strike)
S/S Amethyst Shale Hatchling (Burn, Poison Spit, Stoneskin)
P/S Crystalline Broodling (Rend, Drain Blood, Burrow)

Having so many facecam issues lately, this time it was too high, snap.

vs. Anubisath Idol, Hopling, Kun-Lai Runt
Smash the idols!

vs. Magical Crawdad, Magma Rageling, Magma Rageling
I was worried about the Surge.

vs. Singing Sunflower, Singing Sunflower, Pandaren Water Spirit
Damn my meta must of been bad when and idol, a trap/crawdad team, and a double flower team seems like fun.

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