January 27, 2016

Team Focus: Revenge is Ours
S/S Prairie Mouse (Flurry, Poison Fang, Survival)
P/S Puddle Terror (Water Jet, Clobber, Dive)
P/P Frostwolf Ghostpup (Scratch, Haunting Song, Ghostly bite)

I made this team with high hopes, but lost my first battle. I will forever be seeking revenge for that first loss. The mouse is such a good counter to both Graves and the MPD in this meta that it’s currently my most useful pet. Poison Fang provides a strong DoT on mechs and Flurry takes down a decoy in one move. Of course you have the strong damage against Graves. The pup is there for the heals and more critter damage, the Puddle Terror was added because I realized that I stopped using such an awesome pet as much as I once did.

win vs. Brightpaw, Frostwolf Ghostpup
I played it safe at the end, I didn’t want to a part of any epic comeback.

win vs. Trunks, Graves, Fragment Of Anger
A quality win for sure.

win vs. Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling, Stunted Direhorn, Fragment Of Anger
I was afraid of this team going into the battle, but my Puddle Terror ended up doing very well against the direhorn. It was close.

2 Responses to January 27, 2016

  1. DaveX says:

    Good to see you come up with a viable MPD/Graves counter.

    A P/P Nightshade Sproutling with the poison is currently my counter to MPD’s (and softish-counter to Bone Serpents – I feel like a genius every time I swap the elemental in and watch Nocturnal Strike miss 😛 ) I probably should use an S/S Sproutling with blind, but I love the Fist nuke from the P/P too much.

    Is there a way to show on the main page when you have made a new post ? It seems I have to navigate around the various sub pages to see if you have a new post up.

    Can I kindly request a few more fraps of your Done Did Kid team 😛 ? My Imp just gets backlined destroyed.

  2. Discodoggy says:

    I played it once today on a new video. I’ve mentioned before that my record with it is not exactly indicative of how I think it should do. I’ve been quite lucky with it on a number of occasions. I would find it hard to play against a well used Graves team.

    I’m facing Graves much less now than, well, possibly ever since he’s been out.

    And you’re right, I need to look into some sort of notification system. Right now the two places that are updated are Disco’s Battles and I hope Journey To 100, but I always forget about the latter lol.

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