January 25, 2015

Today’s Team: Mister Stone
S/S Forest Sproutling (Lash, Refuge, Fist Of The Forest)
H/H Stone Armadillo (Scratch, Roar, Infected Claw)
P/P Mechanical Axebeak (Peck, Haywire, Decoy)

I was looking for a critter to benefit from Refuge when I came across the Stone Armadillo. I’ve always had high hopes for this pet. It has strong attacks against both humanoids and undead, two families that you encounter often in the PvP queue. Theoretically this makes it an attractive pet. Practically though, it has never lived up to my expectations. I have always chosen Shell Shield in the past in the second slot, this time I’m hoping Roar will help the Stone Armadillo do better. It has the block from Refuge so that could allow it some time time to cast the attack buff. I chose the Mechanical Axebeak as a third just because it’s been doing well for me in general. It never hurts to have a Decoy pet.

I fear the Stone Armidillo is just a mediocre pet no matter what I choose in the second slot.

The Opposing Team:
H/S Kovok
H/H Weebomination
S/S Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling
Hmm, seems familiar.

The Battle:
012515AGet you own damn team! Just kidding. Ever since I made the Kovokination team on 12/13/14 someone has used it regularly. I’ve lost to it quite a bit. If I’m going to lose at least there’s some consolation knowing I got beat by my own team. The battle wasn’t even close. The Forest Sproutling took out Kovok relatively fast, hitting two triple Lashes. The Weebomination came in and finished off the elemental quickly, then had to face the Stone Armadillo. I’m so used to choosing Shell Shield that I picked it out of habit so I didn’t have Roar. I don’t think it would have made a difference; the Weebomination is just too good. The strong Scratches were not enough to take out the 1806 health fast enough. All of the back line damage to the Mechanical Axebeak left it with too little health to be a factor. The MPD survived with full health. What a beatdown!

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