January 21, 2015

Today’s Team: The Twilight Watch
P/S Sentinel’s Companion (Peck, Soulrush, Moonfire)
P/S Son Of Sethe (Plagued Blood, Touch Of The Animus, Drain Blood)
H/h Twilight Fiendling (Creepy Chomp, Creeping Ooze, Siphon Life)

Just when you thought it was safe, the Twilight Fiendling is back in action. All of the member submitted Son Of Sethe teams have been kicking some serious butt so I asked myself if the undead healer is good enough to carry what a lot of people consider the worst PvP pet around. There’s some synergy with the Twilight Fiendling’s two DoTs and the Son Of Sethe’s healing effects. The Sentinel’s Companion was included since I have so many undead attacks I wanted some flying attacks to counter aquatics (which soft counter the undead damage). The moonlight will help the healing. Not the team of the century by any means but it’s fun to make teams with underused pets.

The Twilight Fiendling is on my team.

The Opposing Team:
P/B Nether Ray Fry
P/S Mountain Panda
H/P Stitched Pup

The Battle:
012115AI was very hesitant about choosing my first pet. I had a strong feeling my opponent would start with the Nether Ray Fry, which my Sentinel’s Companion could pound into oblivion. Instead I went with the Twilight Fiendling to get the DoTs up and put my healing plan into effect. Damn, which pet comes out first? The Nether Ray Fry. Even though I missed that opportunity the battle started off pretty well for me. The Twilight Fiendling put up Siphon Life and Creeping Ooze then I swapped to the Son of Sethe. By the time the flyer was dead my Twilight Fiendling was close to full health and the Son of Sethe was at about half health. Not too bad.

012115CWhen the Mountain Panda came in I decided to take the strong incoming damage in order to get Plagued Blood on the beast. Scratch crit for 694 damage and I applied Plagued Blood. I swapped back to the Twilight Fiendling and it was able to take out the Mountain Panda with its DoTs and Creepy Chomp. Of course it had a lot of help from the Plagued Blood heals. Oh, it died on the same round as the Mountain Panda from a Rock barrage tick. Still I wasn’t doing too bad. When my Son Of Sethe came in to face the Stitched Pup I cursed the earlier crit, because it meant that one Infected Bite would take my pet to 0 health before it could get a Drain Blood off. Instead I cast Plagued Blood and then Touch Of The Animus on my undead round. Would those two healing effects be enough to sustain my flyer against the Stitched Pup? The answer was no. I was able to bring the undead dog to zero health and survive that round, but it took me out on the undead round for a draw. Good job Twilight Fiendling! You didn’t lose!

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