January 14, 2014

Today’s Team: My First Tuesday
H/H Fledgling Buzzard (Thrash, Adrenaline Rush, Lift)
P/P Warbot (Missile, Minefield, Extra Plating)
S/S Mongoose Pup (Gnaw, Survival, Dive)

This is my first Tuesday on my new meta. Up until now it has been pretty fun. I’ve ran a lot of fun teams with success, other people’s teams have been a mixture of fun and competitive teams, it’s been a pretty good experience. Up until now. Death Adders, Idols, Val’Kyrs, Ravens, more Death Adders and even more Death Adders. I’m probably sitting at a 50% win rate, so pro! I suppose if it’s going to be this way every Tuesday I need to do a better job of playing the meta. I chose both the Mongoose Pup and the Buzzard because they’re such good Adder counters and the Warbot because it’s a good pet against Ravens, Idols and Val’kyrs. I plan to use the Warbot for a Minefield and the other pets however seems appropriate.

I have my doubts about Gnaw hitting at 95%. PAR says it’s fine but I’m wary. I need to hand test it at some point. I could probably do better than the Buzzard, but I like that pet. There’s not much synergy here.

The Opposing Team:
H/B Mechanical Yeti
P/S Wild Golden Hatchling
P/S Fossilized Hatchling

The Battle:
011414AThis was a short one. I saw the Wild Golden Hatchling and thought about what Lightning and Cyclone will do to my poor 1237 hp aquatic pet. I decided to start with the Mongoose rather than let it get eaten up on the back line. Instead of the dragon the Yeti was the first enemy pet. I knew a Call Lightning was coming so I used Dive. The Call Lightning missed, so far so good. The Dive hit then the Mongoose got hit with a Metal Fist. Gnaw missed, Ion Cannon obliterated the Mongoose. So far not so good. I brought in the Warbot next and believe it or not it ran the table. After the Minefield went down it took out the Yeti with Missiles. The Fossilized Hatchling took a crit from the Minefield, after that it took a few Missiles to finish off. Another Minefield went down on the undead round, a crit Missile finished it. Eleven rounds was all it took.

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