January 10, 2014

Five Wins Or Bust
I’ll keep queueing until I win five battles.

(If you’re wondering what the hell is going on with the daily then read this: New Daily Format)

Battle 1: Turcraben
Spirit Crab, Highlands Turkey, Emperor Crab
vs. Pocket Reaver, Lofty Libram, Harbinger Of Flame

011014EMy opponent’s plan was to spam Magma Wave with the Harbinger, spam Arcane Explosion with the Libram then Quake and try to finish me off with the Reaver. While I’ve rarely seen this tactic work, this battle was very close. The Reaver brought my Spirit Crab to 0 before I was able to win. The Turkey took quite a beating from those Arcane Explosions.
Record: 1-0

Battle 2: A Bloody Dream
Darkmoon Rabbit, Snarly, Infested Bear Cub
vs. Fiendish Imp, Qiraji Guardian, Macabre Marionette

011014DThis damn S/S DMR is amazing. Being able to apply bleeding while having the avoidance and speed of a rabbit has been a dream come true. My Infested Bear Cub never made it out to fight, Snarly and the DMR took care of business. I’m not really sure what my opponent’s strategy was. All I know was at one point the Qiraji had everything on CD. I better tone it down a bit before I force my new battlegroup into Death Adders, Val’kyrs and Sandstorms. Time for a fun team!
Record: 2-0

Battle 3: Ratty Dreader
Black Rat, Scourged Whelpling, Son Of Animus
vs. Chrominius, Lofty Libram, Pocket Reaver

011014ASeems like the same opponent as the first battle. The AoE spam strategy was even less effective. What was cool about this battle was I knew there wasn’t going to be much direct damage so I tried to get all of the heals going at once. I managed to pull off both Plagued Blood and Touch Of The Animus plus both DoTs (Poison Fang and DnD) going at the same time. It was a decent amount of healing. The Scourged Whelpling’s Tail Swipe did some big time damage to the Libram. Time to bring it down another notch. I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned it but this is often how I queue. If I win a lot then I play more fun teams until I lose then I ramp it back up to more competitive teams.
Record: 3-0

Battle 4: Acid Fungus
Corefire Imp, Infected Squirrel, Shimmershell Snail
vs. Lil’ Ragnaros, Brilliant Kaliri, Dark Whelpling

011014FWhen I saw Rag I was very happy to have a snail with Dive, although I never got a chance to use it. I figured Rag would start so I started with the Snail. Rag threw down the Magma Trap then swapped to to the Whelpling. I was hoping the Snail would set off the Trap but the Dark Whelpling almost killed it and the Trap was still there. I back lined the Snail and luckily the Trap didn’t go off so I brought the Snail back in as a sacrifice for the final (and detonation) round. This ┬ánegated my opponent’s best move. The Squirrel was pretty awesome against the Kaliri and Rag. Will I go undefeated on my fist attempt at Win Five Or Bust?
Record: 4-0

Battle 5: Rabies McGraw
Rabid Nut Varmint 5000, Harmonious Porcupette, Emerald Proto-Whelp
vs. Chrominius, Lofty Libram, Pocket Reaver

011014GAhh, no wonder I’m having such an easy time, this is the third time out of five battles that I’ve fought this mediocre AoE team. It just isn’t that good. I will say it came close again. My Nut Varmint used its Failsafe and only had 86 hp left and the EPW was around 400 or so on the back line. I started by Porcupette using Blessing and Tranquility then swapped to the EPW who took out both the Libram and Chrominius. Since Emerald Bite is weak against mechs I swapped to Prcupette who again used Celestial Blessing and Tranquility before dying. The Varmint came in to finish the job. My first day of Five Wins Or Bust ends up with an undefeated run.
Record: 5-0

5 Responses to January 10, 2014

  1. Luthorien says:

    I’ve seen that Wave spamming Harbinger. Last time I queued up on Tuesday I think, and its purpose was to provide a counter for Clone Dancer, cuz that person has probably lost to me dozens of times and is desperate for a way to at least slow down, if not whoop, my Clone Dancer team. It worked, haha.

    • Discodoggy says:

      Does this mean that we’re on the same battlegroup now? I’m on Retaliation after the transfer. I sort of miss my old enemies on Reckoning :(

  2. Luthorien says:

    Good question. I could, of course, make that happen by creating a toon where you are. :) I just finished battling with Astra (from the WoW pet battle forums) a short bit ago. We cycled through a lot of our teams, and most of our matches were pretty good and even. I think either one of us would be honored to battle (and lose to) you sometime. :)

  3. astra says:

    Sure would. Some friendly duels would be great. And I don’t know about “good and even”. My count had it 13 wins to Luthorien in 21 matches. I scraped 6 wins I think and the others were draws. My teams were strong; it was just his greater pet battling sk… RNG of course!

    • Luthorien says:

      “Thank you sir, may I have another?!” Lol…I’ve had RNG days that are SO bad, a lot of people would just simply take their keyboard and smash it like those three guys from Office Space. What’s important is that we had a lot of fun and varied battles, and out of it came mutual respect. :)

      It’s kinda like one of the threads on the WoW Forums right now, the one about RNG in pet battles. I said that the act of building a team just about overshadows any skills one may have in the actual execution of that team. RNG literally begins right as you enter a battle and start to see what you’re up against. “Oh look, Blizzard stuck my DoT/Leech team against an Idol. Well, I’m screwed. Time to take my lumps and see if RNG will give me a break somehow.”

      Not that it happens a heck of a lot, but it does happen. The only certainties in life – death, taxes and RNG interference in pet battles. ­čśŤ

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