February 9, 2017

Disco’s Three
I ended up playing all three games with the Alarm-O-Bot.

1:10 – Not A Lamefly
Tiny Flamefly, Alpine Foxling, Alarm-O-Bot
vs. Arcane Eye, Stormborne Whelpling, Fragment Of Desire

I would have been so doomed by a shielded pet.

5:00 – Risky Bugness
Silithid Hatchling, Alpine Foxling, Alarm-O-Bot
vs. Ghostly Skull, Lil’ Tarecgosa, Singing Sunflower

I really should have avoided that last bad match up.

10:40 – Curse Of Noob
Hungering Claw, Alpine Foxling, Alarm-O-Bot
vs. Bloodbeak, Dread Hatchling, Iron Starlette

Note to self: B/B Bloodbeak has 280 speed.

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