February 9, 2015

Today’s Team: Will Anything Happen
H/P Ancient Nest Guardian (Metal Fist, Extra Plating, Wind-Up)
S/S Ore Eater (Ooze Touch, Shell Armor, Body Slam)
S/S Mongoose Pup (Gnaw, Survival, Dive)

When I initially saw the Ancient Nest Guardian’s move set I wasn’t very impressed. A bunch of mech moves and a somewhat weird flying move. Upon further inspection I realized this is one of two pets that have both Extra Plating and Wind-Up. The other is the Mechanical Scorpid, and that pet’s other move makes it a bit too clunky for me. The nest guardian, on the other hand, has Metal Fist in addition to Extra Plating and Wind-Up. Nothing flashy or interesting, but a very solid move set. I’ve always been a fan of the H/P breed as well. I realize that pure breeds are usually the best, but after those usually I find H/P the most desirable.

The other two pets are here for coverage for the mech. Whenever I run a mech I’m most afraid of the Fiendish Imp. I decided to go with two fast pets to mess with the imp’s speed. Neither are true counters, but hopefully the speed will give me options to outplay an imp. Plus, both of these pets have aquatic moves to counter elementals.

The Mongoose Pup and Mongoose used to win so many battles for me… in 5.2. It has a special place in my pet battling heart, but it hasn’t been consistently exceptional in a long time.

The Opposing Team:
S/S Peddlefeet
S/S Sprite Darter Hatchling
P/B Mr. Wiggles

The Battle:
This could have been an interesting battle if they had stuck around. Instead they fled when things started going south. It went like this:

020915ARound 1: Acid Touch / Cyclone
Round 2: swap to Mr. Wiggles / Acid Touch
Round 3: swap to Mongoose Pup / Uncanny Luck
Round 4: swap to Peddlefeet / Gnaw
Round 5: Gnaw / Lovestruck
Round 6: Shot Through The Heart (charge)
Round 7: Dive / Shot Through The Heart (release)
Round 8: Dive (emerge) / Rapid Fire (run away)

Let me try again.

Bonus Battle
vs. Silky Moth, Pandaren Water Spirit, Infected Squirrel
020915BThis battle started off well for me. I’ve been seeing a lot of Pandaren Water Spirits lately and the battle generally starts the same way: it puts down the Geyser and Whirlpool, then I avoid it. This time it was the same. I knew what was coming so I started with the Mongoose Pup. After the spirit’s obvious combo my opponent brought in the Infected Squirrel to Stampede for the debuff. Sorry, one Dive took care of all of that work. This is where the weak of heart flee (like last time) but this person stuck it out. It turned out to be a very interesting 32 round battle. My opponent tried to force the moth versus aquatic so there were a lot of swaps. What really helped out was the Ancient Nest Guardian’s two moves that were usable when the moth was in its cocoon. The mech was able to take a lot of damage thanks to the Extra Plating. In the end I was able to win comfortably.

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