February 7, 2014

Today’s Team: Black Thursday
P/S Terrible Turnip (Tidal Wave, Leech Seed, Sons Of The Living Root)
P/S Corefire Imp (Burn, Immolation, Wild Magic)
P/P Sen’Jin Fetish (Shadow Slash, Immolate, Sear Magic)

Since last night I’ve been messing around with the Terrible Turnip and Wild Magic. I kept choosing either the Sen’Jin Fetish or the Corefire Imp but then I had the brilliant idea of putting them on the same team. That way the Fetish can keep his powerful anti-humanoid attack along with a DoT. I know there have been a few suggestions in favor of Flame Breath and Wild Magic on the Fetish but every time I try it doesn’t work too well. I find myself missing the 394 damage from Shadow Slash. Now the Corefire Imp has Wild Magic, problem solved. I’ll probably start with the Imp to get Immolation going then put up Wild Magic. Sometimes I like to stay in an extra turn to put up another Wild Magic because so many people will swap after the first pet gets the debuff applied. Of course that’s somewhat risky. After the Imp swaps the Turnip will use Leech Seed then Sons or the Fetish will cast Immolate.

Just a comment about the name of this team: I have been extremely lucky to be on Terenas with its friendly auction house. With very limited effort I have been able to make decent amounts of gold for buying whatever pets I want. Then yesterday happened. A server merge with Hydraxis totally crashed the market. I hope it stabilizes but I’m not getting my hopes up. Easy gold, I bid you farewell.

Critters are a soft counter to all of this elemental damage and a hard counter to the Sen’Jin Fetish.

The Opposing Team:
S/S Dragon Kite
B/B Ethereal Soul-Trader
H/S Kovok

The Battle:
020714AThis battle was easy mode. The problem with Lightning is that many teams will benefit from your weather just as much as your team will. As was the case here. Add to that the Sen’Jin Fetish’s ability to cleanse the Volcano and the Pheromones. Oh yeah, the Terrible Turnip can also get rid of your Volcano with a Tidal Wave. Which is exactly what happened. The Imp started with Immolation. I didn’t bother with Wild Magic since I knew the Dragon Kite would swap after the Volcano and Call Lightning. I brought the Sen’Jin Fetish in on the second turn. I was fairly certain that kovok was coming next but I didn’t want to wait and play head games as to when the Pheromones would be cast so I immediately cleansed the Volcano. Kovok cast Pheromones on the next round which made my Sear Magic look like a mistake. The Sen’Jin Fetish took out Kovok with Immolate/Shadow Slash/Immolate. The Ethereal Soul-Trader came out after Kovok’s death to finish off the Fetish. The Terrible Turnip was my next pet, when I brought it out the Dragon Kite came back. A Volcano went down but was promptly swept aaway by the Tidal Wave. Call Lightning was used again but there was no reason for my oppnent to do so. No reason except to help my Sons Of The Living Root. I let the Imp clean up at the end.

4 Responses to February 7, 2014

  1. Ronninn says:

    Try using Warbot instead of Fetish, what a kick ass team :)

    • Discodoggy says:

      Those are words I love to hear! It’s interesting you should mention this because I love the Sen’Jin Fetish as for its ability to to counter both Unborn Val’kyrs and Anubisath Idols. But the Warbot is also a great to use against both of those pets. I’ll give the Warbot a shot on this team and see how it goes.

      • Ronninn says:

        It’s also great because it makes people think twice before swapping out after the Wild Magic it cast. Most of the time they end up eating all the damage from the turnip. Death causes swap and turnip still has Sons up. Sometimes the second pet dies before you come out of the group. At the very least it’s super low, then just swap to the Warbot, minefield and either go for the kill to force the next swap, or switch depending on the match up.

  2. Ronninn says:

    Oh, another one I tried similar to this was :

    Unborn Val’Kyr
    Corefire Imp
    Emperor Crab

    Basically get your Curse up, then Haunt. Swap in your Corefire and Wild Magid, then Immo. After that you can either keep him in, or swap to Emporer crab to tank while he takes unreal damage from buffed haunt and curse. Rinse and repeat

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