February 26, 2015

Today’s Team: Sister Of Sethe
P/P Netherspace Abyssal (Crush, Immolation, Nether Gate)
H/B Sister Of Temptation (Shadow Shock, Siphon Life, Haunting Song)
P/S Son Of Sethe (Plagued blood, Touch Of The Animus, Drain Blood)

I ran BT and Sunwell Plateau again with another alt and the only thing that dropped was this H/B Sister Of Temptation. Initially I was disappointed because the S/B would be better for a Lovestruck build. Then I realized that the extra health might be useful on a healing team. I think I would still take the S/B if I had to choose, but I don’t think that the H/B is worthless. The DoT Siphon Life made me think that a TOTA or Plagued Blood pet would go well with the Sister Of Temptation so I decided on the Son Of Sethe as a partner.

I was trying to figure out a good third when I remembered Wiff’s POTM #1 winning team that used the Netherspace Abyssal. This pet had long been off my radar because I didn’t like Nether Gate on such a slow pet, but that came into play much less than I thought it would when using it last month. The plan will be to start with the Immolation, use Nether Gate if necessary, then either go to the Son Of Sethe for TOTA or the sister for Siphon Life.

I need to be careful not get greedy with TOTA and both of the DoTs. It may be better to use TOTA to heal a single pet at a time rather than get everything going at once.

The Opposing Team:
H/H Weebomination
P/S Yu’La
S/S Darkmoon Rabbit

The Battle:
022615BBeautiful! The Weebomination has really been getting on my nerves lately. So I was very pleased to have a fighting chance against it with my AoE heal and TOTA. Not only that, but Yu’la was in for a fun little surprise called Crush. Yu’la started as I expected she would so I started with my Netherspace Abyssal. The first round saw Jadefire Lightning and 712 damage from a strong Crush, bam. I wasn’t sure if a swap, Celestial Blessing or Life Exchange was coming so I decided to get my Immolation going. Life Exchange only did 345 damage so it wasn’t as bad as it could have been. I assumed the blessing would be next, instead there was another Jadefire Lightning. Bad call, the Immolation tick took out Yu’la after another strong Crush. No blessing for you!

022615AThe Weebomination entered without the blessing but I was still wary of this current meta powerhouse. Nether gate sent the big ball of filth right back to the rear. Who says 252 speed is too slow for Nether Gate? The DMR replaced the undead pet and cast Dodge as I swapped to the Sister Of Temptation. Rather than use the second round of the rabbit’s avoidance my opponent brought back in the Weebomination, while my Humanoid cast Haunting Song to make up for some of the Jadefire Lightning from earlier. I then applied Siphon Life to the Weebomination before swapping to the Son Of Sethe. My opponent was spamming Cleave as you would expect.

The Son Of Sethe applied the TOTA for the sure heals at the end of the round. You’re not going to stay in are you, with Siphon Life and Immolation both ticking for TOTA heals? The answer was yes, so the heals were reaching levels that would make crawdad jealous. After the TOTA expired my opponent realized what a grave mistake they had made and decided to call it quits. The back side of a Weebomination is just as ugly as the front.

4 Responses to February 26, 2015

  1. Aeth says:

    “The back side of a Weebomination is just as ugly as the front.” Quote of the day.

  2. Tekulve2012 says:

    Normally I don’t mind when my opponent s flee.. I do find it cheap for people to wait until the killing blow to flee… It seems to imply they didn’t actually lose..if you know what I mean.

    When a person brings a spamming/avoidance team (which often makes for long battles) fleeing seems doubly cowardly because the message I take from it is that they don’t mind wasting time for a win ..but only if it’s their win.

    If wins are all that matters, just bring a spanky fast team I say. I never run stall teams though so I guess I’m biased.

  3. Tricephelos says:

    The sister has one of the more interesting builds from the 6.1 pets. Still trying to make a good build to compliment her, and the Son of Sethe seems a pretty good partner. I tried agony with siphon life, which sometimes makes life pretty hard for the opposing team, but unless it’s on a humanoid the life gain is minimal (albeit getting 2 or 3 heals on one turn if plagued blood is applied) and dmg dealt is also pretty low while you’re reapplying siphon. But, she’s pretty great at stalling with healz or stuns. Oh, I do love a good stun team.

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