February 18, 2015

Today’s Team: Counting Claw
P/P Frostwolf Ghostpup (Scratch, Haunting Song, Ghostly Bite)
H/S Fox Kit (Flurry, Howl, Dazzling Dance)
H/P Zomstrok (Infected Claw, Shell Shield, Carpnado)

I’m still trying to find that special pet (or team) that will counter the current AoE meta and still do well against all comers. In 5.4 it was the Sen’Jin Fetish and Warbot, in 5.3 it was the Spirit Crab and Warbot, in 5.1 it was conflagrate teams. So what will the pet or team be in 6.0? Well, 6.0 is almost gone and I still haven’t discovered it. If I had to pick a single pet as the best meta counter so far I would go with the Frostwolf Ghostpup. I started out using Refuge, but later realized that Haunting Song was a much better choice due to all of the AoE. Plus there’s always a trailer load of undead pets running around (lately the Weebomination is the most common) so Scratch helps with that. Ghostly Bite for all of the imps and idols is great.

I’ve never been a huge fan of foxes, but I’ve been hearing a lot of experienced battlers mention them lately. It seems like a good time to give the beasts another shot. I chose the H/S Fox Kit for some extra health compared with the other foxes. With both of my main attacks being weak to humanoids I wanted some more undead damage so I chose Zomstrok. With an even split AoE, a shield and Infected Claw it rounds out the team nicely. This isn’t going to be that incredible team that awes the meta, but it should do ok.

I don’t have a lot of experience with foxes. If I can’t get Dazzling Dance up the Fox Kit may be too slow to use Flurry effectively. In one loss I over swapped so all pets would benefit from Haunting Song; I need to make sure not to do that again.

The Opposing Team:
S/S Shrine Fly
P/P Sporeling Sprout
S/B Clockwork Gnome

The Battle:
021815AThe fly was going to be a problem. With Scratch doing strong damage to both my undead pets and a speed advantage against my fox it was well equipped to give me hell. I decided to start with the fox since I thought the fly would spearhead my opponent’s attack. It started as expected and I decided to go all in with my fox. It didn’t turn out as bad as I thought, my fox was able to bring it below half health thanks to Howl; after that Flurry was faster thus highly effective. The fly went down then the gnome came in to lay down its shooter. The first round of Turret didn’t take out the fox so it was able to get two triple Flurries off before dying. Go fox! Zomstrok was my next pet. The gnome used its Repair hoping to do Turret damage while it healed but Zomstrok’s shield blocked it. Carpnado and Infected Claw were able to take out the gnome and then the Sporeling Sprout, leaving the Frostwolf Ghostpup unused.

9 Responses to February 18, 2015

  1. Tekulve says:

    I use the p/b Arctic Foxling with Dazzling Dance, howl and Flurry. I named him Pelted

    I love him paired with a p/p Ore eater and any 3rd pet depending on opponents …but I have sometimes gone with Stonegrinder to hurt the flying pets I face

    One I want to try is the p/p Yellow moth ..this would give flexibility to use DDance earlier or later plus avoidance in cocoon

  2. Tekulve says:

    BTW ..I never use the moth’s sleep move in PvP … It may be the better move though with the increasing # of shields around

  3. Tekulve says:

    Duh… Its the Alpine Foxling that’s my p/b fox …its maims undead even without howl

  4. Tekulve says:

    I find howl makes my opponents switch a lot ..which since you out speed most pets really leads to mega hits and an early advantage

    • Discodoggy says:

      The fox is doing well against undead but I haven’t been able to get it to perform consistently well in general. I guess I need more practice.

    • Anonpets says:

      That makes no sense, as when they swap the pet out, the howl is not available to you to take advantage off. You Howl, doing no damage, they probably did something to you that did. They swap, doing no damage, you hit them. Ending up in a roughly equal situation that is not advantageous to you.

      The only advantage may be that their only suitable pet to fight you was the one you Howled at.

      Or perhaps you are referring to moves that hit stronger if you hit first, presuming they put their only faster pet first and swapped it out because of Howl.

      It’s just not very clear.

  5. Tekulve says:

    What I mean is that the Alpine foxling is hitting more than one of my opponents pets with flurry if they choose to switch. I only cast Dazzling dance if i need it. So often, their start pet is hit with Flurry and I can use Howl if I think they want a 2 turn setup..for example, my last battle, my opp. had a jademist dancer in and they used rain dance..I Howl and they switched out instead of following up with steam vent

    If my pet is faster the foxling sometimes gets 3 hits so I don’t care if howl applies..I will be faster so my start pet keeps ‘initiative’ as they switch out and take extra damage. PvP is loaded with slower undeads so smack away with Flurry.

  6. Tekulve says:

    The p/b Alpine Foxling has 1465/289pwr/273sp
    If you triple hit flurry (str vs undead) you do 600+ DMG without howl …

    I’ve been facing many, many teams with at least 2 undead pets … In my experience, this foxling (with supporting pets) has them fleeing after a few losses

    • Celya says:

      I myself enjoy sometimes using the P/P Fjord Worg Pup (Flurry, Crouch, Dazzling Dance): He gives himself his own speed buff, Crouch makes him live longer despite 1400 HP, and Flurry hits really hard with his whopping 325 power.

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