December 9, 2013

Today’s Team: Mr. Dudesworth
P/P Emerald Proto-Whelp (Emerald Bite, Ancient Blessing, Emerald Dream)
H/S Harmonious Porcupette (Scratch, Celestial Blessing, Tranquility)
S/S Mr. Bigglesworth (Pounce, Ice Barrier, Ice Tomb)

I hadn’t used the EPW and Harmonious Porcupette combo in awhile so I decided to get give it a shot today. I like using the Harmonious Porcupette with hard hitting but fragile pets. I use the EPW a lot with it (I’m probably the only pet battler that thinks of the EPW as fragile). I was looking through my list of pets for a third when I came across Mr. Bigglesworth. The undead kitty is a pretty solid pet that I haven’t used much or have seen used much on my meta. Ice Tomb is a great move if the other team has no avoids. Ice Barrier is an interesting move that blocks two attacks from either team. I’m sure that can come in handy. The plan is to get the Celestial Blessing onto the EPW and let its 341 attack do some damage. With its two heals and the shield it should last long enough to cause some big time pain. Bigglesworth will be used as needed. If I put up Ice Barrier and the opponent decides to wait it out by passing I can switch back to my Porcupette for the shield and heals.

There’s no anti-Adder component to my team and lately Adders have been all over the place.

The Opposing Team:
B/B Blossoming Ancient
H/H Clawing Crawdad
H/B Sunflower
There’s healing and then there’s griefing…

The Battle:
I almost ran away from this team. I don’t often run from opponents but I sometimes make an exception for Sunlight teams. They just take too long. I seriously wish that there was a round limit on pet battles so people would not get a win for running teams like this and hoping that the opponent runs. I decided to stay and see how it goes, perhaps it won’t take 50+ rounds.

120913AThe battle started off with Bigglesworth versus the tree. Bigglesworth cast Ice Tomb, the Ancient used Iron Bark, Breeze, then Stun Seed. I swapped to the Porcupette for Blessing, Tranquility, Scratch then a swap to my dragon after Porcupette ate the Stun Seed. Meanwhile, my opponent swapped to the Crawdad to cast Wish and brought the Ancient back in. Okay, five rounds and I’m back to where I started from, only I’m down some hp. My opponent is going to win a swap and heal battle so I decide to go all out with my dragon. After the Blossoming Ancient cast Breeze again the Sunflower came in to cast Sunlight. I used my two heals then spammed Emerald Bite. There was a point where I had to make a choice to heal again or try to take out the Sunflower (who was of course healing from Photosynthesis). I went for the kill, finished the Sunflower and in came the Crawdad. I cast Emerald Presence, the Crawdad took my Dragon down to 59 hp after the first tick. After that I was safe, then after the Presence ended I cast Ancient Blessing so my opponent ran away. Are you serious? This person is running a Crawdad team and getting out healed. Now that’s embarrassing. It only took 19 rounds.

9 Responses to December 9, 2013

  1. Nomjeremy says:

    maybe he was after that achievement “No time to heal” where you can’t let a pet die for 5 battles?

    • Luthorien says:

      That is a valid notion, yah. Kinda lame, cuz it’s only an achievement, and it’s really not worth the effort most times, IMO.

  2. Jan says:

    I think you mean Emerald Bite, Ancient Blessing, Emerald Dream.

  3. Jan says:

    No chance to win with this team. The Proto-Whelp is too squishy and could easily be countered.

    • Discodoggy says:

      Well, the squishiness is why I combo the EPW with the Porcupette. Everything can be countered so I’m not sure how to respond to that. Mechs soft counter the EPW pretty hard. “No chance to win” is a bit too harsh of an assessment of this team. While it’s not one of my best teams, the EPW/Porcupette combo has won quite a bit for me.

  4. steve says:

    If I understand correctly, the point of the daily battle isn’t to highlight the most OP team possible every day but to explore interesting ideas. What would the most OP team be right now? Is it Murkalot + Unborn to abuse Haunt?

    • Discodoggy says:

      That’s pretty bad with those insane Haunt ticks. I still find Haunt plus Consume Corpse hard to deal with sometimes. A few times I’ve run Unborn Val’kyr, Stitched Pup and Death Adder. That team is pretty abusive. I stopped using it because I didn’t want to give my meta any bright ideas lol.

      • Luthorien says:

        I wonder what my meta is currently thinking then, after I splattered each and every opponent tonight with Clone Dancer, lol. I’ll have to try that Valk/Pup/Adder sometime.

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