December 6, 2015

Disco’s Three
Look, my fingers still work! Videos are easy, videos are great, but I’ve been missing doing it like I used to, with the written word. Personally, when I want to find information on the interwebs I seek out writing before I seek out videos; it’s just easier for me to scan a page for what I need rather than wait for the video to get to what I need. Maybe it’s a generational thing (translation: I’m turning into an old fart). You know what else makes me feel like an old fart? Earbuds. How can so many people use earbuds? The sound quality is just so bad. Yes, I’m that guy you see walking down the street with my Sony MDR-7506s on, so big and bulky yet delivering a sound quality that makes me very happy.

Ok, so enough of that. Let me try to go 3-0.

Battle 1: Good Time Charlie (1-1)
Macabre Marionette, Stone Armadillo, Scalded Basilisk Hatchling
loss vs. Graves, Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling, Fragment Of Anger

120615DI saw this team and immediately thought that I had no chance of winning. If I thought like that from the get-go then I knew that I’d play poorly and end up losing badly. So I gave it the old college try… and still ended up losing pretty badly. I was hoping that my opponent would start with the MPD so I started with my Macabre Marionette, but Graves came out first instead. I stayed in for the two AoEs, still hoping that the MPD would come in afterwards, but instead Graves threw a skull at me. The thing I needed to avoid the most was the MPD versus basilisk match-up, which I managed to do by bringing in my beast before the end-game master MPD came out, but this didn’t help me deal with two undead AoE pets. What could I have done differently? Not queue with an armadillo when the bad guys are running around.
Record: 0-1

Battle 2: Rick Frostly (231-20-12)
Graves, Ghastly Kid, Frostwolf Ghostpup
win vs. Tolai Hare Pup, Anubisath Idol, Unborn Val’kyr

120615EOk, maybe I over react too quickly to teams like the one above, but c’mon; it’s bad enough that pets like Graves and the MPD even exist, putting them on the same team is just too much for any regular team to deal with. So I decided to bring my favorite anti-lamer team to fight lame with more lame. The problem is that when I try to revenge queue by bringing Rick Frostly and encounter a regular team then I’m the big bully. Usually. In this case my opponent alleviated all guilt by having the smelly dog face on their team. I will never feel bad for using any pet to beat the idol. I still hate it that much.

120615CThe rabbit could have been problematic for me in this battle if not for my opponent using Dodge and Burrow on CD. The sequence went like this: Dodge, Hoof, Flurry, Hoof, Burrow, Consume Magic, Burrow, Haunt, bring in Graves, Flurry, Skull Toss, Dodge, Grave Destruction, Flurry, Consume Corpse, swap to ghostpup, Flurry, Burrow, Haunting Song, Burrow, Scratch. My two back line pets had most of their health and the big rabbit threat was dead. If my opponent would have used Dodge and Burrow less obviously I might not have known when to use my Haunt. After the rabbit was gone it would have been easy to clean up since the Frostwolf Ghostpup had strong attacks against both pets, not to mention Graves and the kid had strong attacks against both of the enemy pets between them. I say “would have been” because my opponent fled after the smelly dog face took a Ghostly Bite to its, umm, smelly dog face.
Record: 1-1

Battle 3: 黑金龟子 (19-6-1)
Bone Serpent, Nightshade Sproutling, Tol’vir Scarab
vs. Blossoming Ancient, Ore Eater, Feral Vermling

120615LI like the scarab as a fun pet, so this is sort of an odd team, throwing the weak scarab on the competitive duo of the serpent and sproutling. You can blame most of this team’s losses on the scarab. This loss was no different; Flank was weak against the humanoids and couldn’t break through either shield. I was only going to be in it if I could get a desperation Nocturnal Strike to hit, but I couldn’t. My opponent actually gave me a chance by giving the Ore Eater Demolish instead of Crush, but it hit enough to be effective. Oh well, a losing day, now if only I could think of a pet that does well against a double humanoid team…
Record: 1-2


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  1. Lyraat says:

    Dunno what’s driving the push, but I’ve seen an uptick in Anubisath Idols recently. At least one per day for the past week after not seeing any for a couple months. Odd.

    Try pairing the scarab–or any beetle–with Plagued Blood. Health on dmg + Swarm + Flank = lots of health.

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