December 6, 2013

Today’s Team: Acid Bath
P/S Corefire Imp (Burn, Immolation, Wild Magic)
P/P Jade oozeling (Absorb, Corrosion, Acidic Goo)
H/P Shimmershell Snail (Absorb, Acidic Goo, Headbutt)
A trip down memory lane.

I had the urge to use an older team today and when I scrolled down my list this DoT team caught my eye. Sure the Fiendish Imp is quite a bit better than the Corefire Imp, but this team earned me many wins before 5.3. How will it do now? The plan is to put up Immolation with the Imp then use the damage enhancing debuffs (Corrosion and Acidic Goo) to make the ticks hit for a lot.

Power creep has made the once feared P/P Jade Oozeling not so scary and the Corefire Imp take a backseat to its Fiendish counterpart. I’m not sure how these pets will hold up in the current meta.

The Opposing Team:
B/B Fetish Shaman
P/B Clockwork Gnome
H/H Crimson Geode
Looks like a battle of early pets, nice.

The Battle:
120613AIt started out as Imp versus Geode. The Imp Immolated and the Geode cast Elementium Bolt. Now I had to choose between eating the damage with the Imp and getting stunned or swapping to the Snail so the Critter racial ignores the stun. In retrospect the first option seems better since the Imp is going to swap out anyways and I might as well let him take some damage since he’ll heal some back. In the moment I chose to swap to the Snail instead, oops. The Geode used Crystal Overload as the Snail came in then hit a Feedback on the next round. I put up Acidic Goo to help the Immolation ticks then missed a Headbutt, dang. Missing spammable attacks makes you go “aww”, missing CDs can make you lose. The Geode finished off the Snail before it could Absorb, but the Oozeling came in to take it out thanks to winning the coin flip (both are 244 speed). The next battle was between Shaman and Oozeling. Both had strong DoTs so it was a quick one. The Shaman needed it’s undead round to take out the Oozeling so it came down to a one on one Imp versus Gnome. Strong attacks from the Imp prevailed, I didn’t even use Wild Magic. A miss from the Gnome helped, I guess that sort of makes up for the missed Headbutt. Good times with old pets!

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