December 30, 2013

Today’s Team: Stovetop Stuffers
H/P Snarly (Rip, Surge, Blood In The Water)
H/P Infested Bear Cub (Infected Bite, Hibernate, Maul)
S/B Pierre (Chop, Stench, Food Coma)

How could I put off getting a pet with the ability to put up a bleed this long? Better late than never Pierre has joined my arsenal. The plan is to use Food Coma, Stench then Chop to start off. I’ll then swap to either Snarly or the Bear then go from there. Both Blood In The Water and Maul will benefit from the opposing pet bleeding.

Pierre will do really poorly on its own, I need to plan the application of the bleed and the swaps well. If Pierre is slower than the other pets it can’t benefit as much from Food Coma. With the rng reliant move Stench a win may seem hollow.

The Opposing Team:
P/B Fiendish Imp
H/H Unborn Val’kyr
P/S Death Adder Hatchling
What a nice welcome back, crap. Not to worry, I know this player by the name of the Imp and even with good pets they often struggle.

The Battle:
123013BAny of the opposing pets could start. I don’t want to get in a Pierre versus Imp face-off so I start with Snarly. It is the Imp that my croc must face. The Imp casts Immolation as Snarly Rips. Since I was expecting a Nether Gate I Surged. After the Surge Snarly gets Gated out for the Bear. I know it’s likely not going to happen but I can’t resist the opportunity to Maul a bleeding pet. The Imp swaps to the Val’kyr, darn. After the Bear Mauls the Val’kyr I swap to Pierre who takes a Curse on the swap. I use Food Coma next. Rather than just sit there asleep my opponent brings the Imp back in after I use Stench. I know it’s not a good situation, but I’m afraid that as soon as I swap the next Gate will come so I keep Pierre in and hope for some Stench misses. I spam Chop and do see one miss from the Imp. Pierre went down to 0 hp after a few Burns and the Curse hitting. The Imp swapped to the Val’kyr, who missed a Slash which allowed Pierre to get both a Chop and another Stench down before expiring.

123013ANow the Val’kyr is bleeding for Snarly so I immediately use Blood In The Water to take out the Val’kyr (after the bleed tick). After the Val’kyr Haunted Snarly the Adder came in. I Surged before the blind could come. Then the blind missed thanks to Stench. Now I could get a bleed on the snake. The Adder used Poison Fang and Snarly Ripped. I was thinking I could get another BITW off but Puncture Wound crit for the kill. I guess that evens out the rng. Now my final pet comes in. My opponent’s only chance was to take out the snake to avoid the bleeding Maul and let Blinding Poison reset. Instead they let my Bear take out the Adder with a Maul then easily take out the Imp with an Infected Claw. Rng played a big part in the win.

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