December 19, 2016


Team Focus: Soul Rager
H/P Teroclaw Hatchling (Alpha Strike, Dodge, Nature’s Ward)
S/S Wicked Soul (Shadow Shock, Haunting Song, Haunt)
P/P Magma Rageling (Flamethrower, Fire Shield, Magma Trap)

Best pet overall, best haunter, OP trap. Ouch.

vs. Fiendish Imp, Scalded Basilisk Hatchling, Wicked Soul
Some tough competition right away, no time for warming up.

vs. Lovebird Hatchling, Wicked Soul, Teroclaw Hatchling
If I didn’t have an uber team I would be in trouble.

vs. Fel Flame, Son Of Sethe, Spineclaw Crab
My opponent used to run Graves and MPD against me. Sorry for your loss. I’m lying.

vs. Lil’ XT, MPD, Iron Starlette
No biggie.

vs. Fragment Of Anger, Ghastly Kid, Jade Oozeling
Oh oozy, how I used to love you so.

a few hours later…

Disco’s Three

4:20 – No Win Nancies
Sporeling Sprout, Spectal Tiger Cub, Mulgore Hathcling
vs. Lil’ Ragnaros, Spawn Of Onyxia, Emmigosa

Rag was only level 24.

12:15 – Better Than Hell
Hungering Claw, Spectral Spinner, Spectral Tiger Cub
vs. Fiendish Imp, Wicked Soul, Jademist Dancer

Apparently not all Jademist Dancers are S/S breed, no one told me.

21:30 – Way More Fun
Imperial Eagle Chick, Stunted Yeti, Twilight Fiendling
vs. Wild Golden Hatchling, Fiendish Imp, Fossilized Hatchling

Twilight represent!

9 Responses to December 19, 2016

  1. rhonstifor says:

    Those first two wins were against me. Dang that trap! lol….almost made me go on a forum rant about nerfing the trap. You outplayed me both games. I thought the Lovebird Hatchling might counter the rageling, but having the trap down made me feel limited in when I could switch in and out. Nasty team.

    • Discodoggy says:

      Nice to hear from you, I didn’t know if you were still battling or not.

      • rhonstifor says:

        So, based on this team I decided to mess around with traps. I have not lost since going to different trap teams. Critter weekend helps, but even against good teams and good players the OP quality of the traps has been the difference. The nastiest team I have been using has been Wicked Soul, Stonegrinder and Curious Wolver Pup. Instead of screaching gears on Stonegrinder and Whirlwind on Wolver Pup I went with woodchipper and maul. The synergy between the pup’s trap and Stonegrinder’s clean up along with a bleed and a maul makes this an insane combo. Of course, Wicked soul is no slouch. On the rare occasions when it was even close, the trap saved me. I expect to see this team on the meta regularly.

  2. Spinning says:

    Disco, I thought you might like a slight variation of your fel flame+son of sethe team: try jadefire spirit (breath, immolate, fade) + son of sethe (blood, touch, drain) + chi chi (quills, heal/wild magic, feign). If you put Jadefire spirit in the first slot, fade always switches to the second pet. This team works so well. The idea is that you open with Jadefire, tank some damage, after that immolate, fade, Son of sethe puts up plague and touch, which heals Jadefire for 170 per turn. I like chi chi as a third because it’s faster than terroclaw, quills can hit three times (if plague is applied, that’s 70*3 health restored), and can feign into Jadefire, so you can repeat the whole thing again. Try it, I hope you’d love it. I was able to score some very convincing wins over terroclaws, mpds, and imps.Happy new year!

    • Discodoggy says:

      Thanks, will give it a shot. (pardon the late approval of comment, was out of town)

    • Rabbia says:

      Spinning I always appreciate team suggestions, as if I’m lacking it can be in the inspiration department, if you follow me – can be a bit lazy. Anyway I gave your team, admittedly what was a limited trial – for 4-2.

      As you indicate, the healing potential is considerable. But the thing I found (on the above limited basis) was that if lacks firepower. If you get say an Ore Eater/Crusher or another shield type pet, even a less spectacular one, or on a different tack say an Anub type pet, you are in a bit of trouble I think. Even Cleanse can cause difficulty, or a Darkness team even.

      It was interesting though, and I learnt something in the process. Thank you.

  3. Rabbia says:

    First time caller, long time listener.

    Disco I must say, I really don’t think you have to keep seeking here. This team is incredibly strong. Actually I played it quite unusually, for me, in that I played it pretty much flat out – same team time after time. I’d normally not do this, so as not to tip my hand, sort of thing. But I figured I’d tip away loud and clear, to see how it did against whatever people could throw at it.

    Anyway I took it to 100 wins, with 4 losses, no draws. I’d say that qualifies as pretty strong. Of the 4 losses, well…two I remember clearly. The guy was using a double combo Frostfur Rat team, both with Refuge, but differences in the other slot(s) and a Bone Serpent. So that meant two of the opposing team couldn’t be stunned, obviously. Sometimes you know, you get a bit blasé and first time out I just fired off Haunt as my opener without looking or any thought at all. Ugh – of course the Rat is just that bit faster, so not good and I just could not recover from it. The second time (same team) I actually ‘experimented’ – where I deliberately did the same thing, but did some other stuff differently. Very close, but still no go. You have to lead with the Teroclaw, which I did thereafter, with no other losses to that team (left it at 3-2 my way). The other two, hmm…well I’m ashamed to say these occurred late at night during the ‘festive season’, and I’m not really sure what happened exactly. One involved Lil’ Rag, which I had never lost to before, so the brain was definitely not in gear at the time. I may not even have been clicking buttons that well, if you follow me. Good lord. Anyway that is my feedback, warts and all.

    It’s a very good team. I have other teams in the 90 percent plus bracket, some of them with 200 plus wins. A lot of those are your teams, come to think of it. But this team, I’d say it’s at least as good as any of them. Leaving aside silly play, if you are going to lose it’ll be because of bad RNG.


    • Discodoggy says:

      Wow 100-4, that’s fewer losses than I’ve ever gotten in taking a team to 100. The best was 100-5-2 with Owngrinders (Curious Wolvar Pup, pre-nerf Graves, pre-nerf Stonegrinder). Another trap team, go figure.

      Nice job!

      I’ve lost those late night battles before as well, usually due to playing about five battles past the point that I should have stopped at.

  4. Rabbia says:

    I don’t mean to write essays but it just comes out – thought I’d add this.

    It was a remarkable run. Part of it was Pet Week, so that helps of course. I ran 8 chars for the Ultimate Stone and had a clean sweep each time, although I had some close shaves (although some massacres too). Also, I have no clue how the Metas work (meaning what regions/realms are in it) and no idea what mine is like by comparison to others. That might have contributed. I think I was in the 50’s when I hit the Frostfur Rat team I mention above, and I was ticked off at breaking the run. Fire Shield does make short work of a Bone Serpent as your friend suggested, btw, or any other pet with a multi hit move, so I always had it specced, although often it would not be used at all. I operated generally on the notion that the Magma was the most disposable, unless the makeup of the opposition team suggested otherwise, but always tried to get at least 2 traps off, minimum.

    But I also did quite a bit outside of Pet Week, after it ended, where the players tend to be of a higher general standard and will know your team, and against some very solid teams – Imps, Valks, MPD’s, Anub, Emp Crabs, Heal Teams, other Teroclaws and Wicked Souls, you name it. I must admit though, I only came across a Ghastly Kid a few times and maybe not THAT many Critters, relatively speaking.

    I did have some epic ones – SO many rounds, one or two well over 100. Also quite a number of times I’d wind up with my Teroclaw against another Teroclaw, but each time I had enough HP edge, say around 250, to eke out the win. One of the standout epics was my own fault – it was my Tero at essentially full HP, plus Wicked at around 100 HP on the backline, against a Dream Whelpling at full HP. He only had Sleeping Gas as an attack (but it seemed to proc like every second time). It took me forever to realise it was going to be the ultimate Mexican standoff, if I continued bashing away with the Tero. I had to restore the Wicked, bit by bit, each time he went into Emerald Dream. I’d heal then Haunt – that did the trick, ultimately.

    You know, I have watched each one of your videos at least 6 times – some quite a bit more than that even. I find our views correspond, very often, on this or that pet or move, whatever (probably because you formed mine I expect). We both seem to tend considerably towards speed, from what I can tell. I’m sure you are a better player than me, but maybe not, IF I know the team you’re using. Anyway I have learned a great deal, so whatever the case might be, thanks so much, sincerely.

    I only started PVP-ing relatively recently – about 1400 wins to date. One of the first teams I used was Rick Frostly, which…looking now, is at 83% – 201 wins, 31 losses, 11 draws. For that many wins, that is one of my best. But bear in mind, I played this from the start and I’d make all sorts of ‘no idea’ mistakes then, like Haunting on an immortal round, whatever. So that win rate is skewed, considerably. I think I’ve won the last 50 straight at least, no losses, with that team. It’s strong even now. Stonegrinders was good, but I was never as good with it as you were/are – I always felt I wasn’t getting all I could from the Wolvar Pup or something, idk (but Undead was so dominant then of course). Rich Girls is one I really took to though – in the high 80’s with about 175 wins, again with the noob factor included. I really love just playing, with the Nightshade.

    Anyway I’ll leave it now. I had a lot stored up I guess – too much no doubt, my apology. See you on the hustings maybe.

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