December 15, 2014

Today’s Team: Am I A Robot?
P/P Mechanical Axebeak (Peck, Haywire, Decoy)
H/H Unborn Val’kyr (Shadow Shock, Cure Of Doom, Haunt)
H/P Doom Bloom (Bite, Consume Corpse, Stun Seed)

When I saw Consume Corpse on the Doom Bloom the first thing I thought of was Haunt, and the Unborn Val’Kyr is my only pet with that move (shakes fist at rng and the Ghastly Kidd). Now that the Unborn Val’kyr has been taken down a notch from OP to good I’ve been using it more than before. I think that the interaction between Haunt and Consume Corpse is still broken, but here I am using it anyways, oh well. You see, Consume Corpse allows you to heal for half the health of a dead team mate, and when your valk is Haunting it is considered dead. So instead of being able to use Consume Corpse a maximum of twice (once for each dead team mate), you can use it as many times as you cast Haunt.

Since Bite already provides coverage for the valk against critters I added the Mechanical Axebeak for some coverage against aquatics. I chose it over other flyers because it has Decoy, which might help provide an extra turn for Haunt to refresh. I’m using an Unborn Val’kyr, Consume Corpse, Decoy… we’re obviously not in 5.4 anymore.

Since the valk was so overplayed in 5.4 people know exactly what to expect.

The Opposing Team:
P/P Sky-Bo
P/S Coral Snake
P/P Servant Of Demidos

The Battle:
I’m going to do the round by round because I’m to lazy to use my words. I decided to add a short commentary to each round when I do it lazy style. I put my opponent’s moves in red for clarity.


Round 1: Decoy – Shadow Slash
Not gonna waste my CDs on your Decoy.
Round 2: Sticky Grenade – Shadow Slash
Round 3: swap to Coral Snake – Haunt (bring in mechbeak)
I thought it was a Death Adder Hatchling, I suck.
Round 4: swap to Servant Of Demidos – Peck
Gonna try to magic me?
Round 5: Decoy – Soulrush
No magic for you!
Round 6: Peck – Magic Sword
Round 7: swap to Doom Bloom – Touch Of The Animus
Weak healing for you!
Round 8: swap to Coral Snake – Bite
Another swap for you?
Round 9: swap to Unborn Val’kyr – Burrow
Round 10: Burrow – Shadow Slash
Round 11: Poison Fang – Shadow Slash (killed snake)
Round 12: Decoy – Shadow Slash
Round 13: Screeching Gears – Shadow Slash (valk to 0)
No stun for you!
Round 14: swap to Servant Of Demidos – Shadow Slash
Round 15: Decoy – Soulrush
Still no magic for you!
Round 16: Peck – Magic Sword
Round 17: Peck (Servant Of Demidos died)
Round 18: swap to Doom Bloom – Sticky Grenade
Round 19: Bite – Screeching Gears
No stun.
Round 20: Bite – Screeching Gears
No stun.
Round 21: Consume Corpse – Decoy
My opponent fled.

Sometimes blogging without sentences just seems easier, but being lazy led to more work as is often the case. I’m liking this Doom Bloom and Haunt combo so far. Anytime all my pets survive it feels like a big win, even if my opponent fled.

In case you didn’t notice my thread on the forum, check out the new weekly/monthly team creating competition here: Pet Of The Week #1. I’m trying to keep things interesting for us PvP pet battlers :).

2 Responses to December 15, 2014

  1. Liwei says:

    I really need to stop dragging my heels and complaining I have nothing to do PvE-wise and get back to levelling pets.

    I think I was too let down by how the Draenor tamers felt like a step backwards all the way to the Northrend tamers in difficulty (who I once thought were really hard, and then I got more than 3 lvl 25 pets to use) to inspire myself to return to working on the Tamer title.

    I should stop that though, I need that title for RP reasons for one character. Yes, I’m one of *those* people.

    • Liwei says:

      And by tamer I mean trainer. ….whatever one of those two is attached to the 1000 wins one. Oi. I shouldn’t post on 3 hours of sleep.

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